Ubuntu 11.10 OEM x86/x64 ISO

Ubuntu 11.10 OEM x86/x64 ISO | 860MB / 880MB
Language:English, Russian and Ukrainian

Ubuntu OEM - full-featured and robust operating system, with its clear and simple graphical interface. Contains all the necessary user applications, including programs for the office. Intended for installation on PCs produced with limited resources, embedding computer hardware manufacturers.
The main advantages of OEM Pack

-- Low price compared to similar competitors
-- Supports a wide range of modern equipment
-- The speed and ease in manufacturing PE customer
-- The ability to quickly test the basic functionality of the PC collected
-- Secure, reliable protection against viruses and the stability of the installed operating system
-- The system has a colorful interface. This will increase the attractiveness of the demonstration PC to potential buyers.

System with the latest updates as of 27 October 2011. Installation: the system language, time zone setting, the keyboard, creating a new user in the system and another system will also ask when you first start your computer after installation.

On the OEM disk is already present and does not require additional downloads from the Internet:
-- Full support for Russian, Ukrainian and English;
-- Includes full multimedia support (audio and video files in various formats, such as: avi, divX, mp4, mp4, amr, Flash and many others);
-- Support for multiple types of archives (RAR, ACE, ARJ and others);
-- Full support for Windows-network;
-- Include Java.




Mirror 2:

http://depositfiles.com/files/r6hypwqpd Ubuntu.11.10.OEM.x86x64.ISO.rar