Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2 For Non-Apple Computers

Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2 For Non-Apple Computers | 4.41 GB
Just Burn The ISO Image Included in The software to a Blank DVD (4.7 GB - The Common DVD in The Market)

Orignal Provider
Edit BIOS Settings
*Set SATA as AHCI Mode
*Turnoff "Processor Power Management"
It is Better to Remove All Other Hard Disks Presented in Your Computer
IF Your DVD Rom Hangs During Installation Your DVD Drive isn't
Getting Enough Power So Change The Power Cable and USE Separate Power Cables for "DVD ROM and HDDs"
Boot From The DVD
Select Your Language
Open "Disk Utility" From Utilities Menu
Erase The Partition Where You Want to install Lion using "Disk Utility" as Mac OS X Extended
Exit "Disk Utility"
Customize Your Installation
Thats it
When Installation Completes Boot From The Hard Disk to Which You Installed Mac OS X Lion


Mirror 2: Mac.OS.X.Lion.10.7.2.PC.part01.rar Mac.OS.X.Lion.10.7.2.PC.part02.rar Mac.OS.X.Lion.10.7.2.PC.part03.rar Mac.OS.X.Lion.10.7.2.PC.part04.rar Mac.OS.X.Lion.10.7.2.PC.part05.rar Mac.OS.X.Lion.10.7.2.PC.part06.rar Mac.OS.X.Lion.10.7.2.PC.part07.rar Mac.OS.X.Lion.10.7.2.PC.part08.rar Mac.OS.X.Lion.10.7.2.PC.part09.rar Mac.OS.X.Lion.10.7.2.PC.part10.rar Mac.OS.X.Lion.10.7.2.PC.part11.rar