Adobe FrameMaker 10.0.2 Multilingual

Adobe FrameMaker 10.0.2 Multilingual | 1.25 GB
Adobe FrameMaker 10 is an optimal solution for the publishing of documents enterprise that combines the simplicity of word processing and output XML. The product supports Adobe FrameMaker WYSIWYG and using templates to quickly prepare FrameMaker documents. Adobe FrameMaker user can create short documents or multiple books to be printed or published in the formats PDF, HTML, SGML, XML and many others.
The new version of the Adobe FrameMaker 10 includes a function to easily create structured and unstructured, as well as XML-and DITA-content by using modern tools and templates. Envisaged the possibility of combining different types of content, use of complex scripts and advanced graphics options.

Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe FrameMaker + SGML include Adobe Acrobat Distiller for publication in format PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format). In the process of publication in the PDF Distiller allows you to define custom settings, such as compression, inserting fonts, color profiles. Distiller is also able to create structured PDF-files. When the user saves a document created with FrameMaker or FrameMaker + SGML, as a PDF-file mezhtekstovye links automatically links are automatically created and bookmarks. You can also specify the author, title, subject and keywords of the document before exporting to PDF. This information appears when printing PDF-file, as well as some search engines available for those documents that are posted on the Web.

In the process of publication in HTML and XML with built-in tools Quadralay WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition, users can use Adobe Dreamweaver or other HTML-editors to customize the Web-a conclusion in accordance with their needs. For example, you can use Dreamweaver to customize a template generated HTML-pages. This gives the possibility to publish the contents of the document FrameMaker so that it is possible organically built into the design of corporate web-site.

New in Adobe FrameMaker 10:

- Support for DITA 1.2 - users can work with elements of DITA 1.2 and 1.1, including specifications Bookmap, Indexing, and Glossary.
- Instruments standard DITA specialization simple to create certain data models.
- Structured Application Wizard - designers can quickly start working with the program, even if they have no prior knowledge or experience of using Adobe FrameMaker.
- Filter by attribute - Adobe FrameMaker supports multi-valued attributes and provides the ability to import an expression from one document to another.
- Automation of processes through the use of scenarios - professional support script automates routine, repetitive tasks.
- Management of formats for paragraphs, characters, and tables from an existing directory or create a custom list to display.
- Enhanced Attribute Editor - definition and change the attributes in the markup for several functions: recording the status of content items that permit cross-references between elements or settings such as formatting elements.
- Drag and drop text and background color selection - users can drag text, elements, rows and columns of the tables, as well as highlight color the most important places in the document.
- Improved import comments from PDF-files.
- Extensive support of media - the choice of format and import of various media files in Adobe FrameMaker 10.
- Other features: repeat the last operation, the creation of directories in the form of tables, disable this warning, compare documents, integration with Documentum and SharePoint, tracking changes to documents, etc.

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