Navigon MobileNavigator v3.6.0 Android + Europe Maps 2011

Navigon MobileNavigator v3.6.0 Android + Europe Maps 2011 | 2.7 GB

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1. Delete unnecessary map files from '/Navigon/map/', you don't need every map.

2. Copy the folder 'Navigon' to the root of your SDcard.

3. Open the 'Navigon.MobileNavigator.Europe.v3.6.0.apk' on your phone with a filemanager and install the application.

If you don't have a filemanager on your phone, download "Es File Explorer" from android market.

Navigon MobileNavigator maybe want to update the first time you start it then use wifi.

Ps: I apologize for this slow but I hope to solve the problem with my ISP for your understanding ... We multuemsc


Mirror2: N4vig0n.M0bil3N4vig4t0r__v3.6.0_4ndr0id___3ur0p3_M4ps_2011.part1.rar N4vig0n.M0bil3N4vig4t0r_v3.6.0_4ndr0id___3ur0p3_M4ps_2011.part2.rar N4vig0n.M0bil3N4vig4t0r_v3.6.0_4ndr0id___3ur0p3_M4ps_2011.part3.rar N4vig0n.M0bil3N4vig4t0r_v3.6.0_4ndr0id___3ur0p3_M4ps_2011.part4.rar N4vig0n.M0bil3N4vig4t0r_v3.6.0_4ndr0id___3ur0p3_M4ps_2011.part5.rar N4vig0n.M0bil3N4vig4t0r_v3.6.0_4ndr0id___3ur0p3_M4ps_2011.part6.rar N4vig0n.M0bil3N4vig4t0r_v3.6.0_4ndr0id___3ur0p3_M4ps_2011.part7.rar