Windows se7en Eternity Edition x86 x64 - Team Rjaa

Windows se7en Eternity Edition x86 x64 - Team Rjaa | 4.40 GB

After the resounding success of Windows Vista ?� Eternity 2009, got our hands on the new version of the Eternity line based on Windows 7 RTM, more precisely in the Build 7600-16385. Created by Benjamin (Rockers International Team), Windows 7 ?� Eternity Edition is faster, safer and is optimized to maximize the user to enjoy a unique experience. New themes, icons, images, tweaks, Windows Media Center custom sounds drivers and make Eternity Edition Windows ?� 7 operating system a more stable and attractive for vista.Cabe note that Windows 7 ?� Eternity Edition is not recommended for equipment low income (although you can always use).

* New sounds

* All updates to date.

* Rocket Dock

* Predominantly black colored

* Script Codes and exclusive customization.

* More Stable and Reliable

* UAC Off

* New Look for Windows Media Playe

r * New icon for shortcuts

* View file extensions enabled

* Pre-spoofing filter enabled in IE 8

* Low resource consumption

* Enabled Glass Effect without a supported card

* Windows will tell you exactly what you are doing when it is shutting down or is booting

* CMD command in the contextual panel

* Disabled Tool Tips Disabled

* Enabled ClearType

* Added 'Copy to Folder', 'Move to Folder', 'Blog Open with Notepad' from the context menu

* Disabled Windows Media Player Auto Updater

* Menu bars and window frames opaque

* Enabled window slow motion

* Added "Advanced System Properties" in my PC

* Added control panel on my PC

* Faster searching using IE

* DEP execution by default

* Disable paging of kernel

* All the latest driver integrated

* 7-zip

* Adobe Flash Player plugin

* Adobe Flash Player ActiveX

* Orbit Downloader

* K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

* ImgBurn * 5.1 + + Notepad

* CCleaner

* Updated DirectX to August 2009.

* Mozilla Firefox

* Take Ownership, Device manager, Group policy, Registry Editor, in the context menu

* Fully Automated setup you need to choose language and partition only.

* Patch uxtheme for new topics.

* Increased speed off.

* Increased startup speed.

* New icons in high definition.

* Changed the line color to white text commands.

* Mouse speed increased to maximum.

* Removed the annoying clicking sound.

* Disabled Auto Reset blue screen error if for any reason this is displayed.

* Hinbernacion off.

* New Explorer view.

* Open 16-bit applications in separate memory space. This increases stability when dealing with 16-bit applications.

* On-line fit in the notebook.

* ATI and NVIDIA Drivers added.

* New topics.

* 255 Gadgets.

* Disabled Windows Update, ability to activate it.

* Specifies the time, following user input, during which the system keeps apps from moving into the foreground. Windows_se7en_Eternity_Edition_x86x64.part01.rar Windows_se7en_Eternity_Edition_x86x64.part02.rar Windows_se7en_Eternity_Edition_x86x64.part03.rar Windows_se7en_Eternity_Edition_x86x64.part04.rar Windows_se7en_Eternity_Edition_x86x64.part05.rar Windows_se7en_Eternity_Edition_x86x64.part06.rar Windows_se7en_Eternity_Edition_x86x64.part07.rar Windows_se7en_Eternity_Edition_x86x64.part08.rar Windows_se7en_Eternity_Edition_x86x64.part09.rar Windows_se7en_Eternity_Edition_x86x64.part10.rar


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