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Chủ đề: [DF] Aftershock

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    Mặc định [DF] Aftershock

    Year: 2002
    Country: United States
    Genre: Anal: Big Cock: Group Sex: dildo: leather: blowjob: trio fisting
    Duration: 85
    Translation: No
    Russian subtitles: none
    Directed by: CHI CHI LARUE
    Studio: MUSTANG
    Starring: Colton Ford, Tom Chase, Addison Scott, Jeremy Jordan, Carlos Morales, Alec Martinez, Jason Hawke, Paul Johnson, Jerek, Nino Bacci, Parker Williams, Rob Romoni, Bret Wolfe, Sebastian Cole, Jason Land, Peter Raeg, Ricky Cash, Nick Capra, Alex Leon, Diego Alvarez.
    Images from the film:
    Description: The choice for hard riding men! Chi Chi's all-star follow-up to the award winning Shock video. Count 'em - 20 beefcakes ... chiseled and pistol driven horny dudes! Mouthwatering ... and oh so aiming to please!
    A good gift to fans of hard video from Mustang - Falcon Studios division and personally from director Chi Chi LaRue - well-known classics. Familiar names of all - Tom Chase, Nino Bacci, Colton Ford, already acquainted with the cast promises the audience a high quality sex products. Energetic action, close-ups, all forms and manifestations of activity - rimming, oral, anal. With every minute action on the screen becomes hotter - if the first episode of a regular guy sex, the second - tee, the final gangbang ten brawny beauties in the garage, this is perhaps one of the best group scenes and always will be remembered for a long time for those who look it. Try to wangle it does not end ... , Ie, manage to remain imperturbable
    From me, really "tight" a movie about it:) As always nikakiz zefirnyh boys, just hard. Happy viewing:)

    file size : 851 MB

    Lần sửa cuối bởi videomin; 07-02-2012 lúc 11:10 AM

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