Denix 4.0 Full (x86/RUS/ENG/2012)

Denix 4.0 Full (x86/RUS/ENG/2012) | 1.09 Gb

Denix - an open source distribution of Linux, based on Ubuntu. Distribution is completely free, as well as his support. Support for the distribution is carried out on the forum. Distribution is compatible with the Ubuntu distribution and Debian. The project aims to create a simple distro for beginners, for home and office use on an "install and forget." After installation, you have Denix Full unlikely to have any install more software and configure the system as it works "out of the box."
The structure consists of Denix packs, software to play movies and music, working with documents (MS Office, PDF, etc.), image files, browse the Internet, emulators, games, etc.

More information about Version 4.0 Full:

A full distribution for home and office.
Contains everything needed to complete the work - location, means of verification ravopisaniya, office applications, applications for multimedia and the Internet, etc. Installation disk is bootable, it can be used to restore the system. The main goal - "all in one", so that everything works out of the box. If a user has and will have something doustanovit, then the minimum.

The basis of the kernel, GNOME:
This version is based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, installed all the updates on February 1, 2012. Why 10.04 LTS? I do not like 11.x, I can not accept under-shell Unity, therefore, based his 10.04 LTS - term support until 2013 and the normal Gnome 2.30. Could be set Gnome3, but why? Resource use more, and worked with him on other distributions, but did not understand what he is better than 2.30. While 2.30 + Compiz - the best combination.
2.6.32-38 kernel.

What has been deleted / disabled:
Traditionally, start work on the assembly to "facilitate" Ubuntu. This time it did not work to throw all that we wanted. We could do it in violation of the dependencies, but it was too do not want. I do not understand fun with the package Ubuntu-desktop, on which depend many packages, though in itself it is nothing. It is necessary to remove a package, he pulls a ubuntu-desktop and a lot of packages. They were even created a package ubuntu-full and there would have stuck the whole system. Remove it and remove bubuntu.

Here is what was removed: the extra fonts, apport, pitivi, games, apparmor, evolution, and something else. Greatly simplify the system did not work, approximately 300 MB.

Compared with version 3 refused to LXDE - Gnome 2.30, and so not much loading machine, and LXDE only takes up disk space. Also did not install GIMP, who needs to - he is always in the repo. Also declined from the panels in the style of MacOS - it is not available for Linux. Useless thing, only consumes resources. Disabled the screen saver - it just annoys me. Disabled some executables.

What was added:
Here's a short list of new software: mc (file manager), Ubuntu Tweak (tweaker Ubuntu), BleachBit (cleaning program of the system), codecs w32codecs, realplayer, MS TTF-Fonts, non-free-codecs, mplayer, smplayer, JRE6, gmountiso ( Mount iso-images), easytag (edit id3-tags), wine (optimized), playonlinux, package alltray (allows you to turn off Windows-based applications in the system tray), flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound, support VPN (VPNC, Strongswan, etc.).

Useful program: pdfcrack (recovery of forgotten passwords PDF-files), crack-md5 (MD5-version crack), aircrack-ng (crack WEP / WPA - network suddenly fails at McDonald's you connect), chntpw (utility to recover passwords for NT SAM ), scrounge-ntfs (data recovery from NTFS-partition), safecopy (utility to copy files broken), scalpel (useful prog for spy, see the package description), wipe (secure file deletion, interesting, and a scalpel finds a file, a remote wipe'om?), testdisk (utility to recover disk partitions), workrave-data, scrub (the safe destruction of data).

Audio / Video:
Installed codecs, music and videos played in all players. In 3.0 there was an error - video to be playable only in SMPlayer, but will not play in Totem. Now the video is played everywhere, there are thumbnails in Nautilus. Brasero program for recording CD / DVD. Installed flash-plugin-nonfree-extrasound. Also installed editor ID3-tags of MP3-files EasyTag.

That's where a lot of changes. First, full support for VPN (VPNC, OpenVPN, PPTP, IPSec). Now, the Internet will get you exactly. Second, a complete set of Internet programs, including the Torrent-client, Empathy (ICQ, etc.), the client terminal server, remote viewing tables, Downloader for X (in Ubuntu 11 so no joy), FTP-client FileZilla, browser Firefox (with all the necessary plug-ins), an email client Thunderbird.
Compared with the 3.0 rule out some unnecessary programs: FlashGot extension for Firefox, GNOME PPP for dial-up connection (modem, no one uses), removed GoogleEarth.

Office: 3.2, fonts, Microsoft, Evince (view PDF), gxneur. Also decided not particularly wrapped around. I wanted some kind of minimalism that is. Why not LibreOffice? But what actually is the difference? For the user - no, but the licenses let them understand.

Support Compiz, nVidia and ATI video cards from the box. The program nvidia-settings set as well.

Configuration editor gconf-editor (in this Gnome3 not!), Cleaning tools gconf-cleaner, service editor bum, archiver p7zip-full, manager of Bluetooth (blueman).
This time - a hidden menu GRUB (to see it you need to press the left shift), the timeout - 10 seconds, the "silent mode" - at least the boot messages (who does not like - edit the / etc / default / grub), no splash (splash) No, because I do not see sense in it, UTC = no, somewhat changed the main menu - it makes it easier.
The login window - automatic user login denix with a delay of 10 seconds. You may want to reconfigure.

Resources / System Requirements:
Especially not tried, but at the rate of loading of the RAM 151 mb consider acceptable today, the load on cpu too small.
After the installation is 3.3Gb, it is better to have at least 4 GB
As for 2012 turned out sparingly.

Easter Egg
In Denix 4 is an easter egg. Search for:)

After booting from the LiveDVD to choose install. If you have booted into live, you need to install choose System, Administration, Set RELEASE. Denix_4.0_Full.part1.rar Denix_4.0_Full.part2.rar