The star of “Spanish Seductions,” Spaniard Rafael Carreras, is extraordinary. Rafael makes such an impression that it’s absolutely fair to base the title on him. Of course, this is a Lucas Entertainment production, so we are treated to an international cast of porn gods, making for scorching sex.
Right up front, we have a contender for the movie’s best scene. Rafael as meets Jonathan Agassi on the street and they head into an apartment. Jonathan sports a nearly shaved head, but a full beard of acres of sexy body hair. Rafael is sex personified, smooth, dark and edible. His cock is mammoth, as ramrod straight as they come, and Jonathan attacks it with gusto. He is able to amazingly deep-throat it, push himself so far into Rafael’s crotch that Rafael gets pushed back! This match-up of dynamos is truly inspired. When Rafael blows Jonathan, it’s as if sucking is redefined. In my humble opinion, Rafael Carreras is one of the best oralists around, and he gives Jonathan his best, filling the blowjob with oodles of spit and tons of fun style. Both are deep-throat maniacs and they go back and forth trying out-do each other. It’s exquisite. When they 69, magic happens. Rafael unloads a bucket of spit as he works from atop and Jonathan goes from below with furious intent. They stop often to kiss and spit, giving the oral portion even more spice. Rafael rims Jonathan sublimely, alternating his tongue with his cockhead, teasing by almost inserting it. Jonathan heaves in delight. All of this terrific rimming seems to have Jonathan ready to cum, but we can’t deprive Rafael of the chance to fuck Jonathan! He makes a very smooth insertion and then takes off at record-breaking speed. Jonathan is bent in half and Rafael goes in and out like a demon, showing a sexual aggression that is incredibly vibrant. They kiss during the fuck, Rafael licks Jonathan’s toes during the fuck, everything. There isn’t a trick missed. Rafael maintains his speed in all positions, resting only once, and that’s to let Jonathan work backward for a few seconds. One doesn’t see topping like this except from true super-humans. Drenched in sweat, Rafael cums on Jonathan’s tongue and goes back to kissing his partner.