UralSOFT WPI 1.2.12 SWTZ ENG/2012 | 2.10 GB
Collection programs changing your Windows 7. Installation is a semiautomatic mode, it is necessary to realize that youre installing and what the consequences might be.

The main thing is to install one puck! Before you install the following, you must remove the previous!
Disable antivirus and UAC! After installation reboot required!
Installation order to install the patch, first to thirdparty themes (who is not installed) UniversalThemePatcherx86 or 64, who has what kind of system, reboot, install the theme.
For CustoPack Toolsfirst program set CustoPacks1.0.0.40x64 or 32, and only then start the installation packages for CustoPacks
Pakistan show the interface during the installation tips, please be careful

Download from filesonic.com
http://filesonic.com/file/LvDl5KO/Ural 2012.part1.rar

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