Autodata v3.38 (2011/English) | 1.31 Gb

Guidelines for the repair, maintenance, diagnostics, labor times to all makes of cars. Autodata popular program for the Workshop includes information on fuel injection systems of gasoline and some diesel engines (PINDATA), the same parameters to adjust the alignment, installation of belts and chains GRM, repairing air-conditioning, airbags, ABS and other systems of automobiles manufactured in Europe. The program Autodata have wiring diagrams and wiring nodes.

Platform: Windows XP, Vista

System Requirements:
P-IV, RAM 1GHz, virtual drive, Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5

How to put Windows 7
To install Windows 7, you must first upgrade Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 Redistributable Package, install Autodata then, not vercion 2008 C + +, copy the file to your desktop and run regseting find the file C: ADCDA2/adbcd.exe and run
Everything must be done by an administrator!

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