Strata Design 3D CX v7.0.2 | 1.16GB

StrataDesign 3D CX is our professional-level 3D modeling and animationsoftware that delivers end-to-end power for the entire 3D designworkflow. Quickly bring your creative ideas to life with a simplifiedlearning curve, plugins to the Adobe Create Suite and award-winningrendering quality rivaling any software at any price.
Features & Benefits
- Simplified 3D Learning Curve
StrataDesign 3D eases the learning curve for 2D designers who are new to 3D.Quick start templates, libraries, predefined effects, backgrounds,environments and more allow designers to create complex scenes inminutes. With a user interface and tools that are familiar to todays 2Ddesigners, you invest your time learning 3D design concepts rather thana new design paradigm.
- Model Anything in 3D or Import Existing 3D Assets
Formany, the thought of 3D modeling is a daunting task. Design 3D offersan extremely friendly modeling toolset and environment for manipulatingyour polygons, splines, and primitives into any 3D object or scene youcan imagine. If youre working with existing 3D assets, Strata Design 3DCX utilizes a host of filters and options to accurately importthird-party 3D models and scenes.
- Apply Surface Textures with Precision
Inthe world of 3D, texturing may just be the most important component increating convincing final renderings. Once you have designed your 3Dmodel, Strata Design 3D CX gives you powerful tools to create, apply andmanipulate surface textures with beautifully accurate results.
- Set-Up Your Scene with Lighting, Backgrounds, Cameras, etc.
Scenecomposition is a critical step in producing stunning images. Design 3DCX makes it easier to control the environment than any photographystudio you could imagine. Position your 3D objects and then placelights, reflection panels, cameras, backgrounds, environments,reflection elements and more produce a superior final render oranimation for your design project.
- Render Photo-Real Images and Animations at Blazing Speeds
Design3D is well known for its extraordinary rendering technology. Whetheryoure after photo-realistic results or some other style for your staticor motion graphics, you will find the rendering options to suit yourneeds and output the results using one of the fastest rendering enginesin the industry. After all, its all about the final results and Design3D delivers.
- Learn Design 3D CX Online at Strata 3D University
Learning3D doesnt have to be difficult. Especially with Stratas onlinetraining library at your fingertips, covering every aspect of StrataDesign 3D CX and the entire 3D design workflow. Strata 3D Universitymakes it simple to find the subject of interest and quickly get up tospeed with short, informative videos created by professional 3Ddesigners.
- Tightly Integrated with the Adobe Creative Suites
Design3D CX comes with six, Adobe Photoshop plug-ins that connect youdirectly to your favorite image application and improve your designworkflow. Interoperability is also a key part of Design 3D with theability to read in Adobe files including psd, eps, .ai and pdf. Note:Photoshop Plugins require Photoshop CS4 or CS5 Extended running in32-bit mode.

Whats new in Strata Design 3D CX 7:
- Faster Rendering Speeds at Higher Output Quality
- Normal and Anisotropic Mapping
- Stand-alone UV Editing Environment
- New Material Subset Features
- Motion Tracking Import Support
- Entirely New Boolean Engine

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