ISUZU EPC JAP 2008.10 (VMWare)

ISUZU EPC JAP 2008.10 (VMWare) | 5.88 GB

reason - Added standalone vmvare (working without drives)
shell in English, in the interior of hieroglyphs

1. DVD-ROM with installation and data
2. Autonomous vmvare with ustanovlennnym directory (for disk is not required)
packed VinRARom
swing who needs what, who drives ... Who virt.mashinu ...
byutsya machine only the Japanese market
on the body and frame number
sootvetstvnno guilty of punching out of the question ...
distribution vmvare looking for in the search for the tracker
Please support the distribution of at least a couple of weeks after download
and thanks for the thanks button ..
pay attention to the image file sozhderaniya disks 1 and A
date file indicates the current directory
Parts catalog Isuzu Japan contains information on all right-hand drive cars the Japanese company Isuzu.
Parts catalog Isuzu Japan, as well as many other directories for the machines internal Japanese market, there are only in Japanese. However, the picture in some detail, so it is easy to work with the program.
Instructions for installing and running the program Isuzu Japan annexed.
The program Isuzu Japan occupies 8 discs, of which 5 - full information on car models, and 3 - a separate data on the engines (as the Isuzu engine installed not only on cars Isuzu, but also on the trucks of other firms). I will check, If link dead, I will reupload at here

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