AudaTex ENG 2012 | 1.50 GB
APS program allows you to perform the calculation of the cost of remediation of vehicles after an accident, providing you and your clients a professional and objective results of computer calculation.In calculating the damage numbers are used units, obtained directly from the manufacturer, takes into account the cost of painting and maintenance work, as well as work on the assembly / disassembly of the car. The damage from the use of APS is always based on actual data received directly from the manufacturers of cars, trucks, motorcycles (more than 60 manufacturers and over 78,000 models and modifications).

The program is an advanced application on the basis of AudaPad International (AudaPad M21/M95) and has the following improvements:
Conceptually new 32-bit graphics engine, allowing you to accurately select the damaged parts of the car and the necessary repairs with the help of a few "clicks" the mouse. This module includes the following features:
Improved search engine that allows you to search not only by controlling the numbers, but in the name of details.
Improved graphical representation of all parts of the car.
Improved scalability of graphic representations.
Ability to print selected areas and equipment options directly from the program.
The user interface is in Russian.
Russified names of parts and repairs.
Self-tuning capabilities of the user interface (adding and modifying toolbars, presentation options.

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