Agilent ADS 2009 Update 1 | 1.5 GB

AdvancedDesign System is the leading electronic design automation software forRF, microwave, and high speed digital applications. ADS pioneers themost innovative and commercially successful technologies, such asX-parameters* and 3D EM simulators, used by leading companies in thewireless communication & networking and aerospace & defenseindustries. For WiMAX, LTE, multi-gigabit per second data links, radar,& satellite applications, ADS provides full, standards-based designand verification with Wireless Libraries and circuit-system-EMco-simulation in an integrated platform.
Key Benefits of ADS
Complete, integrated set of fast, accurate and easy-to-use system,circuit & EM simulators enable first-pass design success in acomplete desktop flow
Application-specific DesignGuides encapsulate years of expertise in an easy-to-use interface
ADS is supported exclusively or months earlier than others by leading industry and foundry partners

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*X-parameters is a trademark of Agilent Technologies, Inc. TheX-parameter format and underlying equations are open and documented. Formore information click here.

WiMAX is a trademark of the WiMAX Forum.
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