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AutoCADArchitecture - this is AutoCAD for architects. AutoCAD Architectureprovides a more rapid pace. Specialized features for architecturaldesign and drafting, as well as a familiar working environment and makethe issue of project documentation more efficient.
- Optimizedinterface - is characterized by an optimal organization, the greaterarea of the graphics area, as well as faster access to tools andcommands.
- Drawings collection - Library of detail components and tools to work with key notes.
- Walls, doors and windows - Use walls, doors and windows in the design and manufacturing documentation.
- Premises - In the drawings automatically plotted mark the premises indicating the areas.
- Cross-sections and elevations - 2D sections and elevations are generated directly from the plans.
- Specs - Style specifications are set by the user.
- Sizes - On any wall and all its components can be applied dimensions.
- Built-in visualization - Fully integrated visualization projects.

System Requirements
For 32-bit version of AutoCAD Architecture 2011
-Operating system Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise, Business,Ultimate or Home Premium (SP1 or higher) (see comparison of versions ofWindows Vista), Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Home edition(SP2 or higher) or Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate,Professional or Home Premium
- Processor Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz or higher, or AMD Athlon with 3 GHz or higher (both - technology SSE2)
- 2 GB RAM (3 GB)
- 2.4 GB free disk space for typical installation, 2.6 GB - for full installation
-A monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution and support for the regime truecolor (recommended resolution 1280 x 1024 mode and true color)
- Video card with 128 MB of memory
- 3D graphics workstation class with 256 MB RAM or greater, Microsoft Direct3D (sm.perechen supported graphics hardware)
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
- DVD-drive (for installation only)
For 64-bit version of AutoCAD Architecture 2011
-Operating system Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise, Business orUltimate (see comparison of versions of Windows Vista), or MicrosoftWindows XP Professional x64 Edition (SP2 or higher) or Microsoft Windows7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional or Home Premium
- AMD Athlon64, AMD Opteron , or Intel Xeon with support for Intel EM64T, orIntel Pentium 4 processor supporting Intel EM64T (all - technology SSE2)
- 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
- 2.6 GB free disk space for typical installation, 2.9 GB - for full installation
-A monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution and support for the regime truecolor (recommended resolution 1280 x 1024 mode and true color)
- Video card with 128 MB of memory
-3D graphics card recommended class workstation with 256 MB RAM orgreater, Direct3D (sm.perechen supported graphics hardware)
- Browser Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
- DVD-drive (for installation only)

Key Features
AutoCAD Architecture 2011 combines the tools of architectural design and afamiliar working environment AutoCAD , which provides a high degree ofefficiency of design and collaboration.
The familiar AutoCADenvironment filled with all the specialized tools for architecturaldesign and production of working drawings.
Experience in AutoCADensures high productivity from the first second. In order to begin workin AutoCAD Architecture, does not require extensive training. You willimmediately feel how easy to create drawings, specifications and otherdocuments in a familiar working environment.
The program supportscollaboration. Convenient communication with experts in the design ofbuilding systems and building structures provides support for leadingindustry file format, DWG. To demonstrate to customers the projects arerealistic visualization functions based on integrated media rendering.
User-friendly interface
NewUser Interface AutoCAD Architecture 2011 is characterized by optimumorganization, the greater area of the graphics area, as well as fasteraccess to tools and commands. Now to find the right tools andinstructions will require less time. The improved interface is used inmany CAD Autodesk, which allows users to spend a minimum time fortraining during the transition to new software products.
Drawings of nodes
Fora more rapid formation of documentation and explanation of applicationprogram offers an extensive library of detail components and comments onthe drawing. With their help accelerate the creation of design elementssuch as Remote inscriptions, annotations and links. Explanations placedin the drawing just a few clicks.
Walls, doors and windows
Youcan do the drawings, and create documents, using walls, doors andwindows, which represent the real architectural objects. You can editthe wall and their properties at the component level, which allows toimprove the functioning of various types of walls - sloping, angular,intersecting and fireproof. The program allows you to automaticallyinsert and place doors and windows, controlling their position withextreme precision. When you move the wall automatically updates allother adjacencies to her walls. It uses familiar commands AutoCAD, forexample, Pairing and bevel.
Marks and spaces in theirarea are applied automatically. If you change the boundary elementscorresponding spaces are automatically updated. This feature saves timeand ensures accuracy of documentation. Rooms can be created by thedisplacement of the boundary elements based on standard or custom rules.Calculation of the area carried out in accordance with generallyaccepted standards such as BOMA, DIN, and SIS.
Elevations and Sections
Two-dimensionalsections and elevations are generated directly from the developedplans. If you change sections and elevations of the project is fullyupdated. Corresponding changes affect layers, colors, line types andother properties.
Formation of the specifications
Stylesspecifications easily adjust to the standards of enterprises. Thespecification can record the results of calculations performed in themodel. Data from the specification dynamically linked to objects anddrawings are updated when you change any element of design.
InAutoCAD Architecture for walls and all their components are usedAEC-size. When applied to a variety of options are taken into accountthe size of the binding: the axial lines of the walls, their outersurfaces, etc. When changes in the project does not require manualupdating associative dimensions, as They are converted automatically.
Built-in visualization tools
Withbuilt-in visualization tools can be prepared for a spectacularpresentation of the customer at any stage - even when the project is notcompleted. Visualization capabilities are fully integrated into theproduction environment AutoCAD Architecture 2011. The program allows youto quickly transfer projects to review and approval by publishing DWFand DWFx.

On the assembly
1. Source - Official ESD-distributions
2. Integrated update Update 2.
3. The image is optimized and compressed (standard feature of UltraISO).
4. The installation went smoothly with virtualke Alkohol 2.0 (tested on WinXP SP3 and Win7-64)
4.1. You can use UltraISO as an alternative virtualke - now there should appear asking if you want to insert a disc
5.Tablet attached! Do not forget to click the keygen-e MEM PATCH!!! Keyand code - practically any (for example, combinations of 1, 2).