Vienna Symphonic Library (GIGA) COMPLETE (45 DVD) | 158.65 GB

Vienna Symphonic Library - the most powerful and full of the currently existing on the market of orchestral instruments libraries. It has all the tools ever unreleased GIG format except for the second harp from a kit and Horizon Series Harp file GSP2_Medium.GIG (glockenspiel 2).

Developer: VSL
Format: GIGA (GigaStudio 3)
Quality: 16 bit, 44,1 kHz, Stereo

On the different versions of the library:
- VSL - so large and complex library that deal with her staff at the first attempt will not be easy.
- Tools in the library are divided into two groups - Orchestral Cube and Perfomance Set. The former contain standard articulations - legato, staccato, pizzicato, sforzando etc. Articulation of Perfomance Set makes it more authentic sounding legatnyh notes, glissandos, and repeated notes with a special program (it is included in the distribution), which inserts the required samples in the right place (for example, instead of two notes of the transition to single-phase sample sounds or instead of a number of recurring short notes sound different samples, thus avoiding the effect of "machine gun").
- In the beginning was released First Edition size of 90 gigabytes, which included samples of the main instruments orchestra as articulations Orchestral Cube, and articulations Perfomance Set (December 2002).
- Was then released an enhanced version of Pro Edition, of 240 gigabytes, the extensions First Edition with new tools and new articulations of the old. (August 2003).
- The library later expanded series of instruments Horizon Series, which included non-standard instruments such as acoustic and electric guitar, exotic percussion (litofon, fleksaton), saxophone, section 8 Horns, French Oboe, Strings chamber sections, etc. Instruments Horizon Series also used the Orchestral Cube articulations and Perfomance Set.
- Some tools Series Horizon Series repeated or extended previously issued, I have removed these repetitions. Produced two instruments Horizon Series Opus 1 and Opus 2, which are greatly simplified versions of the great library, but in their upload, I do not see much sense.
- Thus the distribution of an impression at the end of 2005.
- Subsequently, the VSL has moved to its own engine, the library re-release 24-bit (initially all the instruments were recorded in 96/24 format). All future releases are an extension of an existing library or new tools various editions, designed to reduce the cost of acquisition to the end user (the most complete version of the library is now 15 000 euros).

- All files stored in GigaStudio 3 version with the optimization of a pool of samples that will speed up their load. Each instrument is checked for correctness;
- Imposed on all release patches with articulation, including those that use the specific features of GigaStudio 3;
- Files related to each tool, packed in a separate file-sharing tools for Orchestral Cube and Perfomance Set (including to and from Horizon Series). It will download only the missing tools.

For your convenience, I recommend the following tools:
- FX MAX Giga Teleport
- FX MAX FX Teleport

- DVD00: String ensemble, Chamber strings
- DVD01: Violin ensemble
- DVD02: Viola ensemble
- DVD03: Cello ensemble
- DVD04: Double bass ensemble
- DVD05: Solo violin
- DVD06: Solo cello
- DVD07: Solo viola
- DVD08: Solo bass
- DVD09: Concert Guitar, Overdrive guitar
- DVD10: Harp
- DVD11: Piccolo flute
- DVD12: Flute-1
- DVD13: Flute-2
- DVD14: Alto flute
- DVD15: Oboe, French Oboe
- DVD16: English horn
- DVD17: Woodwind Ensembles
- DVD18: Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
- DVD19: Bass Clarinet
- DVD20: Bassoon
- DVD21: Contra bassoon
- DVD22: Piccolo Trumpet
- DVD23: Trumpet - C
- DVD24: Bass trumpet
- DVD25: Trumpet ensemble
- DVD26: Horn
- DVD27: Horn ensemble, Epic Horns
- DVD28: Tenor trombone
- DVD29: Bass trombone
- DVD30: Contrabass trombone
- DVD31: Trombone ensemble
- DVD32: Tuba
- DVD33: Contrabass tuba
- DVD34: Wagner tuba
- DVD35: Cimbasso
- DVD36: Timpani
- DVD37: Drums
- DVD38: Cymbals & Gongs
- DVD39: Mallets & Blocks
- DVD40: Bells
- DVD41: Percussion
- DVD42: Percussion Basic-Sets, Glass and stones
- DVD43: Xmas pack
- DVD44: Documentation, PerfomanceTools, Tutorials

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