Maps for Medion GoPal 5 Navteq Q2 2011 | 2.24 GB

Technologies, equipment and design are certainly important components of the navigation system. However, without good software can not be effectively and successfully plan a route. MEDION company took this into account and developed navigation software, which, according to various independent studies, is the fastest! This software is installed on the navigation devices MEDION GoPal, and can also be found on almost all devices running on Windows for Pocket PC.

Version: Navteq Q2/2011
Developer: Medion
System Requirements: Navigating GoPal 5

Coverage: Albania.psf aldi_poi.psf, Austria.psf, BalticStatesKaliningrad.psf, Belarus.psf, BelgiumLuxembourg.psf, BosniaHerzegovina.psf, Bulgaria.psf, Croatia.psf, CzechRepublic.psf, Denmark.psf, Finland.psf, FranceCenter. psf, FranceNorthEast.psf, FranceNorthWest.psf, FranceSouthEast.psf, FranceSouthWest.psf, GermanyEast.psf, GermanyNorth.psf, GermanySouth.psf, GermanyWest.psf, GreatBritainSouth.psf, Greece.psf, Hungary.psf, IrelandGreatBritainNorth.psf, ItalyCenter.psf, ItalyNorth.psf, ItalySouth.psf, Macedonia.psf, Moldova.psf, Netherlands.psf, Norway.psf, Poland.psf, Portugal.psf, Romania.psf, Russia.psf, SerbiaMontenegro.psf, Slovakia. psf, Slovenia.psf, SpainNorth.psf, SpainSouth.psf, Sweden.psf, SwitzerlandLiechtenstein.psf, Ukraine.psf, WorldCartographicLayer.psf.

All files (or only those countries and the files that you need to) move on your SD-card or internal memory in the folder MapRegions. The contents of old folder, remove the card. In any case, pre-save on your hard drive. It is better to use a card reader Card Reader and your computer.
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