Citroen LASER v.6.5 | 6.86 GB

Electronic parts catalog, akssessuarov, as well as online documentation of repair and maintenance of vehicles Citroen 1990-2000's (starting with the AX, BX, and to C3, C5, C8).
It is intended for authorized service centers. Part Numbers - original.
Language - English, French, German etc (not Russian). Configured during the installation (please! installation menu as French-speaking, do not look at the Select option "English" - English there is listed as "Anglais").
Powered by VIN search the car connected to a central server Citroen - determined the exact release date, and complete accessories.
Installation instructions (English and Russian versions) - in the "instruction which to install." Be sure to follow ALL items. You will need Vitrual Drive. It is better to use the seventh version, which is attached. Ninth images do not read, checked himself.
Extras. Information:
Tip: You should carefully read all the setup menu, and after its completion - study guide for use. You will learn many new things, such as how to connect to a central server and Citroen on the VIN to get full information about the car, since the exact date of release to the color of carpets in the cabin.