Windows Install Discs - XP - Vista - 7 - Many Versions - PC | 8.8GB

There is a total of 4 discs here. XP, Vista, and 7. These are all original, I have installed with them many many times, never a problem. All are in English, there may be a few other languages on each but I've never used them.

If there is an operating system you do not want, simply set it to "do not download" in your download manager. The files are easily identified.

Below are the notes I have typed for myself on my computer.
I will be updating these notes when I get the chance so they are more detailed. VERY SORRY to those who created these files, as I no longer have the links to who made them. I did not make them, I simply compiled them as a great set of OS discs to have on you in the field while doing computer repiar.

A little information on each OS:
Windows XP
service pack 3
9 in 1,
If I recall correctly: not activated, need your own key.
a few missing file errors on initial file copy, just skip the file when prompted, I've never had a problem.
by fox007

Windows XP with SATA drivers
windows home edition
can install onto most sata hard drives
(the 9in1 dvd does not recognize some sata devices. + this fits onto CD instead of DVD for older drives)

windows vista
32 bit
asks for key

Windows 7
all versions both 64 and 32
all activated except for enterprise editions need key.
recognizes most manufacturers

If links die, I will reupload at here.
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