Navigation Ford Escape with a map of Eastern Europe v.9P E12

Navigation Ford Escape with a map of Eastern Europe v.9P E12 | 5.76 GB

Compatible with: Established Navigation System Ford Escape / Mercury Mariner USA - 2008 MG

Attention! Achieve 100% of the functionality has not yet been!
It is based on drive Toyota - Lexus DVD MAP E12 (2010) RUSSIA. Maps from this disk embedded in the regular disk FORD 9P North America.
I must say that almost all regular cards - complete nonsense, but after the merger has revealed some shortcomings. Moscow on the roads is presented in some detail, but without the houses. In short, schools are, but for a first try at least something.

Extras. Information:

1.Zapisyvaem image on the dual-layer DVD. I used Verbatim DVD-R DL 8.5GB 4x. We write for the lowest possible rate. You've got to have patience.
Head swallows drive and reboot. It turns nasty moment - GPS piece of hardware fails to work in our latitudes. Somewhere along the boundaries is blocked. Since the storage location to find out the origin of restrictive and failed, had to seek other methods. And such method has been found by chance ... to import sites in the method of entry menu Developer at the standard stereo. Inside the menu item by accident found, but rather an important button GPS restricted area.

And so, from memory:

1.Zahodim in NAVI
3.Dobavlyaem new contact or change an old button ADD / EDIT.
4.In the field name we enter the F-DEVELOP ON a space before ON. The remaining fields are not important. The window does not close, will not leave.
5.Tut also see the top left of the window title ADDRESS BOOK ... poke your finger directly under the letter A and fix until not fly to map.
6.Nazhimaem MENU button and select the point SECURITY ...
7.Tykaem finger in the blank lower right corner and wait until the appearance Developer menu. There are a lot of interesting things ...
8.Spuskaemsya to the point of GPS area restricted, press ..
9.Vmesto GPS restricted area SET get GPS restricted area REMOVE.
10.Gotovo. Until the next reboot (virus) head forgets about the boundaries of North America.
11.Mozhno up menu above the developer to the point of GPS information and wait for the satellites and the status of 3DFIX.
12.Nazhimaem MAP button and enjoy.

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