Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OEM SP3 R 3.0 Deutsch (02.12.2011) | 665MB

It is based on a pure distribution Windows XP Home Edition OEM Service Pack 3 Deutsch. It has been integrated update packs with built-in wizard to complete the update. In fact Windows XP SP3 Updatepack.
The following updates are integrated in this release: All in One Runtimes (x86) Addon-Pack, Internet Explorer 8 Addon-Pack, WMP 11 Addon.
In the context menu option added to "open folder" in Windows Vista / 7.
Time is synchronized automatically with the atomic time server PTB.DE.
The Quick Start is enabled.
SATA driver set at the beginning of the installation by pressing F6 and showing the location of the drivers.
Removed from distribution Windows Tour, Windows Hilfe, Musik Beispiele.
Registry tweaks for 13 minutes before the end of the installation set of files from a folder regtweaks.reg $ OEM $.
All in One Runtimes are optional.

Extras. Information: Release of interest to people who have the OEM key for Windows XP Home Edition. (Sticker on the laptop, computer) or simply bought into the free market. After installation, you have all the updates are, NET Framework, Java, Adobe Flash Player. Key in the archive there. Have a nice work.

Activation of the system on computers purchased already installed the Windows XP way the manufacturer
If you want to activate the system manufacturer's method on a computer that already bought with Windows XP but you can install the key from the license sticker to use offline activation mode System Locked Preinstallation (SLP). To do this, run the computer on which you want to install the program OEMBIOS tool (v1.1).

Look what the program shows and download the appropriate file with checksums, which showed the program. Archives of swing from the site MyDigitalLife. Ask in Google «The Windows XP OEMBIOS Archive» and immediately find just the right topic at .. Looking for compressed archives (compressed). After downloading the archive to unpack it and get four files: OEMBIOS.BI_; OEMBIOS.CA_; OEMBIOS.DA_; OEMBIOS.SI_. Four-bedded these files we will replace the files in the image in the folder I386 (You can use any program that works with images, such as UltraISO.
After that, save the image and write it to disk. When the settings are OEM: SLP key. (Keys are looking for in Google, just ask "xp oem slp keys" and click on the result with a key. Choosing the right key and the correct version of the manufacturer (in this case: XP Home Edition OEM SLP).
After installation, clean the system does not ask for activation. .

System requirements:
-- We recommend a computer with a clock speed of at least 300 MHz minimum allowable - 233 MHz *, recommended a family of Intel Pentium / Celeron, AMDK6/Athlon/Duron or other compatible processors.
-- Recommended RAM 128 MB (minimum allowable - 64 MB, while performance and some features of the operating system may be limited).
-- 1,5 GB free hard disk space *.
-- Video adapter and monitor Super VGA resolution of 800 X 600.
-- CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
-- Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

On the file:
Enabling | reg code: not available
Language: German
File Format: iso

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