Mandriva 2011 MiB (ROSA lab) (i586/x86/64)

Mandriva 2011 MiB (ROSA lab) (i586/x86/64) | 5.33 GB

Mandriva 2011 release was prepared by an international team of developers, consisting of specialists from the Russian company "ROSA", Brazilian and French Conectiva Mandriva. Distribution is available as a DVD-assembly, which supports work in the Live-view with the ability to install to disk and available for architectures i586 (1.7 GB), i586 (PAE) (1.7Gb) and x86-64 (1.7 GB). Prepared by iso-images are hybrid, ie, they can be used as a DVD, and the USB Flash.
In this embodiment, the distribution by default connected Mandriva International Backports (MiB), which contains packages that are missing from the official sources.

Submitted issue as never before has considerable innovations, both at the organization level user interface, and the level of the system components. For example, the transition to the package manager and system initialization RPM5 Systemd, added a new interface to run programs and redesigned various parts of the desktop environment. Revised the installation process: instead of selecting the components in the installer, installed by default formed the base of the applications for which the selected one carefully selected and tested applications for each task.


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