Rosetta Stone v3.4.5 Russian Levels 1, 2 & 3 with Course Books (PC/MAC)

Rosetta Stone v3.4.5 Russian Levels 1, 2 & 3 with Course Books (PC/MAC) | 1.49 GB

Communicateand connect with the world. Build a foundation of fundamentalvocabulary and essential language structure. Develop the Russianlanguage skills to enjoy social interactions such as travel and shoppingand learn to share your ideas and opinions in Russian.

TheRussian language is spoken by more than 250 million people in theRussian Federation, the former Soviet republics, and in Russian-speakingcommunities around the world. Russian is the official language ofRussia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, and it is also one of theofficial languages of the United Nations.

Russian Learning Tips

* Russian pronunciation and spelling is regular and predictable.

* You may notice that a single consonant can be pronounced in two different ways, either ?hard or ?soft.

*Placement of stress within a word is very important for correctpronunciation. Rosetta Stone helps you learn proper pronunciationthrough guided exposure and practice.

* There are three categories of Russian nouns: masculine, feminine and neuter.

*Russian nouns and their corresponding adjectives change endingsdepending on the nouns function. The program gradually exposes you tothe different forms to help you learn to use them correctly.

*Russian has both formal and informal ways to address others, dependingon the age of the speaker and his/her relationship to the person beingaddressed.


Ive included the Quick Startguide, the Users Manual, and the course content books in PDF format.Before installing, you should have a virtual drive program, such asDaemon Tools or Virtual CloneDrive, installed on your computer formounting the language pack discs. Read the install info in the crackfolder carefully and follow the instructions. Use firewall to blockprogram from the internet. _Russian_Levels_1-3.part1.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part2.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part3.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part4.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part5.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part6.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part7.rar

Mirror: _Russian_Levels_1-3.part1.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part2.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part3.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part4.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part5.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part6.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part7.rar

Mirror 2: _Russian_Levels_1-3.part1.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part2.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part3.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part4.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part5.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part6.rar _Russian_Levels_1-3.part7.rar