Interactive Physiology IP10 CD

Interactive Physiology ( IP10 CD) | 575 MB

The Interactive Physiology 10-System Suite (IP-10) significantly enriches teaching and learning environments by providing an audio/ visual presentation of complex topics. For use as both a teaching tool in the classroom and a study tool for students, IP-10 features full-color animations and video, both with sound, that thoroughly demonstrate difficult physiology concepts, many of which occur at the cellular and molecular level. Extensive interactive games and Gradable Quizzes reinforce the material.
Modules: *Muscular System*Nervous System I*Nervous System II*Cardiovascular System*Respiratory System*Urinary System*Fluids & Electrolytes*Endocrine System*Digestive System*NEW! Immune System
This is actually a mac file and can be a royal pain in the ass for some people to extract and use. I have turned this into a windows .iso so you can easily burn this to a CDR and use it on any computer for school.

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