Siemens Step 7 Professional/ Basic v11 (Win32)

Siemens Step 7 Professional/ Basic v11 (Win32) | 2.7 GB

Even the basic version of SIMATIC STEP 7 gives you easy access to the full potential of Siemens' controllers. STEP 7 Professional opens even more possibilities thanks to a wide selection of program editors, while the Basic version provides a shared platform for programming S7-1200 controllers and SIMATIC HMI basic panels.

STEP 7 Professional comprises the following software packages:

STEP 7 Basic software
S7 - Graph.
S7 - SCL

Besides a considerable price saving in relation to the purchase of the individual components you can take advantage of reduced installation efforts and the possibility to subscribe to a consolidated Software Update Service.

STEP 7 basic Software:

STEP 7 basic software is the standard tool for the SIMATIC S7, SIMATIC C7 and SIMATIC WinAC automation systems. It enables the user to use the performance capability of these systems easily and conveniently.
STEP 7 contains convenient functions for all phases of an automation project:
Configuring and parameterizing the hardware.
Specifying the communication.
Test, start-up and service
Documentation, archiving.
Operating/diagnostics functions


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