Ableton Suit 8.2.7 Mac OSX (2011)

Ableton Suit 8.2.7 Mac OSX (2011) | 1.31 GB

"Ableton Live" - software for DJs and musicians. The program is well-suited for studio work (mode ?Arrangement?), and real-time, ie, DJ-ING (mode ?Session?). In the ?Arrangement? is a composition by creating a midi and audio clips with the gradual progress forward in the timeline (like Cubase, Logic Studio, Sonar). Mode ?Session? can not simply reduce the two tracks and create an entire song from scratch in real time. "Ableton Live" technology supports ASIO, Core Audio, VST, Audio Units and Rewire, and also has some own tools and the necessary set of audio effects . Features are constantly expanding thanks to tight integration with a special adaptation of the language audio-visual programming Max / MSP - Max4Live
8.2.7 Release Notes Improvements and feature changes: 1. There is a new entry in the Options menu: "Reduced Latency When Monitoring", which toggles latency compensation on and off for tracks which have input monitoring on. When enabled, input-monitored tracks will have the lowest possible latency but may be out of sync with some other tracks in your Set. When disabled, all tracks will be in sync, but input-monitored tracks may have higher latency. Before, the option was only available via the 'StrictDelayCompensation' options.txt, and was ON per default. It now defaults to OFF. 2. When restarting after a crash, Live will now display a warning in the Help View if the crash was caused by an issue with a VST plug-in. Note: this is for Mac OS Currently X Only. Bugfixes: 1 Authorizing a full version of Live would sometimes activate a feature-limited version (Live Lite or Live Intro). 2 Fixed a bug that prevented setting the start marker of an audio clip before the sample start. 3 On Mac OS X, saving a Live Set could lead to an unresponsive Save dialog box, if the destination folder contained an alias file which points to an unavailable volume. 4 Fixed a crash which occurred when importing a Drum Rack with a routing to a return track. 5 additional crashes were also fixed.


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