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COMPAS-3Das a universal system of three-dimensional modeling finds itsapplication in solving various problems, including the architectural andtechnological design.
The overall purpose of the system COMPAS-3D -creating three-dimensional associative models of individual elements andprefabricated ones. Structures can contain both the original (createdby), and standardized structural elements drawn from the catalogs.
Theparametric technology allows quickly obtaining models for typicalelements based on a once designed prototype. Numerous service functionsfacilitate the solution of auxiliary problems of design andconstruction.

The main components of the COMPASS-3D:

system of three-dimensional modeling is designed to create three-dimensional models of individual parts and associative

Assemblyunits containing the original and standardized structural elements. Theparametric technology allows quickly to create models for typicalproducts once designed prototype. Numerous service functions facilitatesolving auxiliary designing and production problems.

Design andgraphics editor (COMPASS-graph) is designed to automate the design workin different areas. Can be successfully used in engineering,architecture, construction, preparation of plans and diagrams - whennecessary to develop and produce drawings.

Module designspecifications used in conjunction with three-dimensional modeling and /or drawing and graphics editor. The module allows you to produce avariety of specifications, statements and other documents in tabularformat. Specification document can be related to the joint developmentpartnership (one or more of its leaves) and three-dimensional model ofthe assembly.

The text editor is designed to develop different types of textual documents. Perhaps both standard and arbitrary documents.

The distribution of the composition:
3D compass V12 SP1 (Service Pack 1 integrated)
Compass 3D Viewer V12 SP1
Version 3 Reference Design
COMPASS-protection V2
PMN-file editor
System design of molds 01.01
Design molds Library V5.6
Stamps Library V5.6
3D Parts Library molds V5 SP1
3D parts library stamps V5 SP1
Compass Express V11 power
Electronic compass V11 Std
Compass Electrical Pro V11
fotorealistiki Library v1.7
Library Links 3D V1.0
Library 1.0 shears to cut gears
UM Express 2.1
APM Studio FEM v9.6 (demo)

System Requirements:

OperatingSystem: MS Windows XP Professional SP3, MS Windows Vista SP2 versionof: Business, Business x64, Ultimate and Ultimate x64

MS Windows 7 Edition: Professional, Professional x64, Ultimate, Ultimate x64, Enterprise, Enterprise x64.

The amount of free space on your hard disk:

to install Standard Edition - 800 MB

to install the configuration of the machine - add a 600 MB

Installation of the configuration of the building - additional 2.8 GB.

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