Siemens Simatic WinCC v7.0.1 (11.2011)

Siemens Simatic WinCC v7.0.1 (11.2011) | 7.21 GB

SIMATIC WinCC is scalable process visualization that has powerful features for monitoring vtomatizirovannyh processes. WinCC provides all the functionality of SCADA for Windows for all industries - from single user to distributed multi-user systems with redundant servers and global solutions with web-clients.

In particular, WinCC is characterized by absolute transparency. It can easily be used in combination with standard and custom software that allows you to create human-machine interfaces that exactly match the practical requirements. Thanks to open interfaces system integrators who develop software that can create their own applications using WinCC as a basis for system extensions. WinCC - a modern system with intuitive user interface. It is suitable for use in offices and in the production of functionally complete and reliable in operation, effectively designed and adapts easily to solve both simple and complex tasks. Together with the built-in database forms the WinCC
information center for vertical integration throughout the enterprise and with a set of Plant Intelligence increases the transparency of production. For both systems, an assertion that comprehensive automation (Totally Integrated Automation) reduces the cost of both development and to ensure the system's life cycle. For example, software, human-machine interface has direct access to the variables and messages controller SIMATIC, as well as use their communication parameters to configure the connection. This allows the outset to avoid the time consuming repeated data entry and additional sources of error. In addition, the built-in diagnostic capabilities provide support for staff throughout the
the system life cycle. This product description is based on a version of SIMATIC WinCC V 7.0.

What News :
WinCC / ODK v7.0 - a set of libraries and examples to allow use of open programmable interfaces for accessing data and functions of WinCC.
Open interfaces WinCC / ODK allow you to develop your own applications and add-ons to the basic software WinCC.
Open through the API function modules WinCC, making it possible to access data and functions of systems design and implem entation.
This allows the use of design and function of WinCC in your own scenarios or even develop independent applications with direct access to WinCC (for example, to connect third-party drivers or features for specific industries).
With an open design kit for Open Development Kit (ODK) access to programming interfaces becomes really easy.
WinCC / ODK - describes the open application programming interfaces (C-API), with which you have access to data and functions of the system design and implementation of WinCC and can even create their own applications.
WinCC / IndustrialX v7.0 - makes it possible to design custom objects with the help of technology ActiveX.
These objects can be standardized, re-used and modified centrally.
WinCC supports the integration of specific technology-based controls and XAML. NET through the container. NET.
In addition, with the option WinCC / IndustrialX can also be created controls ActiveX, you can display in WinCC.
Package PRODAVE MPI / IE v6.0 is designed to exchange data between the programmer / computer and automation systems SIMATIC S7-200/-300/-400.
Communication with programmable controllers S7-200 by the PPI interface with automation systems SIMATIC S7-300/-400 - on MPI or Ethernet interface.
PRODAVE MPI / IE can work together with TeleService, providing data transfer over telephone lines and radio channels.
For compatibility with previous versions of WinCC enclosed WinCC / ODK v6.0 SP4 and WinCC / IndustrialX v1.1.


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