Acronis Backup & Recovery Server 11 Build 17318 Universal Restore

Acronis Backup & Recovery Server 11 Build 17318 Universal Restore | 649 Mb

Acronis Backup & Recovery Server - a solution for local disaster recovery and security of servers running Windows. It can help you restore your operating system, applications and all data in minutes, not hours or days. Application of this solution can significantly reduce downtime in the event of unforeseen disruptions, increase efficiency of IT services company and reduce overall IT costs. While based on proven technologies create images and restore the "bare metal", a new product is a next generation family of Acronis True Image and demonstrates a new approach to backup and recovery. Acronis Backup & Recovery Server for Windows is designed for businesses of any size and is growing with the company, easily scalable from local configurations to work in large geographically distributed networks to thousands of machines.

The main advantages
Reducing the burden on IT staff
Thanks to Acronis Backup & Recovery simplifies the process of recovery, and administrators have freed time for other tasks
Rapid recovery system - high RTO
Acronis Backup & Recovery restore an entire hard disk, including operating systems, applications and user data in minutes rather than hours and days of the more
Automate recovery with a simple, controlled process
Through user-friendly interface is very fast recovery, following the simple procedure of recovery
High level of security backup for mission-critical servers
Enhanced scanning of archives and duplicate backups provide a high level of security and reliability for backup of critical servers

Key Features
Advanced scheduled launch
Backups can be run upon the occurrence of such events or conditions like on / off the server, input / output or user to add a certain amount of data
Technology-based backup image creation maximizes performance
Products Acronis Backup & Recovery, based on proven technologies create images and restore the "bare metal", making a dynamic disk image in working order and consolidate all data into a single compressed file
Robust recovery of the extended test archives
Improved verification archive confirms that the backup is complete and the server with the data if needed to be restored
Program support and maintenance Acronis AdvantageSM
- Advanced multi-level program of technical and information support. First year support program Acronis Advantage is included in the license
Restoration of any level of the full image
Due to the unique imaging technology, a whole section, folder or even a single file can be restored from a full disk image

Backup capabilities
Excluding Files
Duplication of backup copies
Automatic or manual backups of the partition

Recovery Manager
Restoring the "bare metal"
Remote restore
Restoring to different hardware
(Optional module)

Manage Backup Mines
Templates backup schemes
Post-and Pre Team
Backing up event-based
Conditions for backup
Customizable backup scheme

Reporting and monitoring
Local Dashboard
Record events in the Windows event log
Notification by e-mail or SNMP

Administering Backups
Automatically delete old backups
Merge incremental or differential backups

Deploying and updating
Without rebooting

User interface
Command line with scripting support
Local console management

Password Protection for Acronis Secure Zone



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