Cinesamples CineToms Vol 2 KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS

Cinesamples CineToms Vol 2 KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS | 554MB

For a while we?ve wanted to do a second tom library, taking advantage of the best sounding recording room in New York (well aside from Carnegie Hall). Using the same space, microphone setup and classic recording gear as with Drums of War we wanted do record ?tom? ish sounding ?toms? with multiple microphone positions so one could dial in a specific sound at will. Often when other tom libraries sit in the mix they have the tendency to not sound like toms, but more like large top heavy and unfocused drums (sometimes this is indeed fantastic to have). However we felt we needed, specifically, to at least have control over the close and far microphones to adjust the sound as needed in the track. We threw in the stage mics for good measure.

In Cinetoms 2 you will find three different types of patches:
* Full Microphone Master patch (Concert Toms - containing three microphone positions)
* Fully Mixed patches (Fully Produced and Mixed Patches - each containing unique audio samples)
* Presets and Multis (Singles and Multis based on the above two, enhanced with the Kontakt engine)

So if you want to dial in your own specific sound start with the Concert Toms, where within Kontakt you can modify microphone mixes (close, stage, far), 3 band EQ, Reverb, Tuning, Midi Mapping, ADSR and Group Panning (Toms Set 1 and Toms set 2).

If you are in a rush check out the Fully Mixed Patches and Presets/Multis, which are ready to go upon loading.

Full Patch List:
* 01 Concert Toms*
* 02 Spartan Toms*
* 03 Hellish Toms*
* 04 Kodo Toms*
* 05 Muted Toms*
* 06 Sharp Sticks*
* 07 Slapback Toms*
* 08 StereoTypical Toms
* 09 Bear Toms
* 10 Wipe-Out Toms
* 11 Tuned-Up Toms
* 12 Toms of War
* 13 Low Boomy Single Hit Toms
* 14 BootySlapLoseYourHand Toms

* Apocalypse
* Carnivore
* Horseman
* Roswell
* Tom Array
* Triton
* Valkyrie Toms
* Zong 1781
* contains unique audio samples contains three microphone positions


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