Mastercam X5 (x86/x64) a selection of flash courses MasterCAM

Mastercam X5 (x86/x64) a selection of flash courses MasterCAM | 6.48 GB

Mastercam- one of the easiest to learn and work CAD / CAM systems, thus hasbroad capabilities in modeling and solid set of strategies fortreatment. Also present in the assembly of a selection of flash coursesin MasterCAM.
Mastercam - one of the easiest to learn and work CAD /CAM systems, thus has broad capabilities in modeling and solid set ofstrategies for treatment.
As an independent consulting expert company CIMdata - Mastercam is the most common CAD / CAM system in the world.

Treatment procedure:
Ifyou already have a USB-Emulator for MC X 4 (HASP or NetHASP) installed,you can skip steps 1) - 5) and only need to run mastercam_X5_crk.exe

1) Unzip the folders usb-emul_win32 and remove_old_emuls on your computer
2) Run remove_old_emuls delete_old_emuls.bat, to clean the Windows registry of the black list of Emulators
3)Run mcamX4_MU3-dealer nethasp.reg or mcamX4_MU3-industrialnethasp.reg (dealer received a dump of the extended functionality)! Ifyou want to install Mastercam X 5 NetHASP SIM type. Or StartmcamX4_MU3-dealer_hasp.reg, if you want to install Mastercam X 5 withthe type of HASP SIM.
4) Run install.bat, to install USB-Emulator. REBOOT!
5) Set the MC X 5 HASP or NetHASP SIM type.
6) Copy the folder Mastercam.exe mc_x5_win32_win64_hasp_nethasp_crack and replace the original
7) Enjoy!

collection of flash courses MasterCAM
StreamingTeacher- a project of MCam NorthWest, Inc - an official reseller MasterCAM inthe U.S.. The aim of the project is on-line training to work withsoftware products from MasterCAM V9 to X5 and ART. Lessons and examplefiles are only available through the web site for a paid subscription -no disks will not be sent. Lessons are divided into courses, theduration of the subscription fee - 3 months or 1 year per person.

Streamingteacher provides subscription based delivery of training materials in theform of streaming video / audio. These materials are referred to ascourseware. There are various courseware available, each developed bythe respective vendor. Each offering of a particular vendors coursewareis referred to as a Streamingteacher channel. Within a channel, youwill find a prompt for a login and password, samples of the courseware, asample of the table of content, and a link to order the courseware.Once a customer has ordered, they will be able to access theirsubscription from any web browser that meets the minimum requirements

Eachcourseware is structured as a vendor finds suitable, usually beingdriven by a Table Of Contents, guiding the user through the training,while providing quick access to the various areas which allows thematerial to be used as reference as well. The TOC or Table Of Contentsis only visible to those who subscribe. The TOC is organized by Blocks(logical groups of segments) and Segments which are the individualStreams. Streamingteacher channels can contain Segments which offeradditional material (besides the Streams) such as training filesreferenced by the Stream, PDFs, etc.



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