Planit Edgecam 2011 R2 SP2 build 4996 (x86/x64)

Planit Edgecam 2011 R2 SP2 build 4996 (x86/x64) | 1.56 GB

EdgeCAM - automated creation of control programs for CNC (Numerically Controlled) Developed by Pathtrace Technology. England. Pathtrace company owned by a group Planit Holdings plc specializes in the creation of CAD / CAM systems world-class, focused on mechanical engineering, woodworking and furniture industry and retail trade automation creation program for milling (2.5 - 5 axis), turning (2 - 4 axis , turning and milling) and electrical discharge machining (2 - 4 axis) Pathtrace (EdgeCAM) is a leading international partner for the CAM-systems company Autodesk - Global Preferred Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Partner EdgeCAM has the status of certified applications for SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and Solid Edge.

The program EdgeCAM, developed by Pathtrace Technology, - one of the world's leading software products for creating NC programs for processing machine tools, CNC turning, milling and EDM group. EdgeCAM works regardless of the CAD system. Loading models are without conversion. The probability of loss and corruption of data during transmission is eliminated. Changing the geometry of the model in the CAD-system leads to automatic recount in EdgeCAM toolpaths. EdgeCAM - the perfect solution, trusted by leading developers of CAD. Autodesk has proclaimed Pathtrace, developer of EdgeCAM, the world's leading partner in the development of control programs for CNC machines - Global Computer Aided Manufacturing Preferred (CAM) Partner.
EdgeCAM is certified and has the status of Certified Applications "Certified Select" for Solid Edge and "Certified CAM Product Program" SolidWorks Corporation. EdgeCAM has a single graphical environment for designing and modeling parts processing technology on CNC machines . Presents the possibility of a frame, surface and solid modeling. The use of 3D-models in the work of a technologist, programmer CNC resulted in a reduction of errors in the processing of complex parts, because now the definition of the parameters of structural elements, such as deep pockets, protrusions, etc. is performed by means of EdgeCAM. If any correction of the original designer of 3D-models, EdgeCAM automatically recalculate offers a control program for the CNC machine - in this case the programmer must simply accept the proposal, and the trajectory of the tool will be updated automatically. This not only improves the quality of detail, but also reduces the time it was made ??on CNC machines.
Extras. Information: Visualization of machining with CNC EdgeCAM allows you to simulate on screen the entire process: create a distribution scheme fastener workpiece and tool, see the trajectory of the tool to control movement at idle and possible collisions with snap fastener, do cross the treated workpieces of complex detail locations and imaging processing quality, a comparison of design and process models and to analyze the presence and desperately nedoobrabotannyh zones. The new easy-to-use tool - a timeline. It graphically displays the duration of cycles in EdgeCAM, as well as the sequence and duration of action, their points of synchronization, the interaction of turrets and spindles. You can see how long it takes the entire process on CNC machines. In EdgeCAM Simulator is displayed not only the workpiece, but also its external environment - the spindle turning device, fasteners, etc. This process allows us to see with all the details. The whole process of manufacturing parts for CNC machines can be seen in real time. And at this time, you can rotate the workpiece, change display modes (for example, to make a translucent piece), change the speed of the rendering process. postprocessors Wizard provides ample opportunity to adjust the system and ensure the correct staffing structure designed control programs for specific CNC machine.
It allows you to control the structure of the future program of your choice. Logical partition on the issues of technology and "Drag & Drop" design provides the flexibility and the library "templates" for various equipment makes it easy to create a new postprocessor. The existing base of more than 3500 post-processors for various CNC machines. The program effectively works with machines of different years of manufacture, including domestic production, for example, such as 24K40 CNC-2S42-65. The program includes a new post-processor that allows you to control output NC programs for the B-axis milling and turning operations using protivoshpindelya (B-Axis and Sub-spindle Turning). It supports the latest lathes and CNC machining centers: Mori Seiki, Hitachi Seiki, Nakamura, Okuma, Mazak Integrex. All processes can be observed in real time and make changes that provide additional opportunities to work with complex surfaces. Fuller use of the CNC machine can support the function of input slope tool at any angle. A wide range of cutting tools: The software has a choice of cutting tools: lathe tools (roughing, continuous, trench, cutting, boring cutters, etc.); milling tool (cylindrical, spherical, angular cutters and drills), tools for holes (drills, broaches, countersinks, borshtangi, etc.). The choice of a standard tool is made ??from the library, recharged and edited by the user, in which, besides the parameters of the cutting tool may be save the settings and modes of processing, graphics, cutting and auxiliary tools, and much more. There is also a direct integration with the electronic catalog tools Sandvik CoroGuide. interface with the CNC system allows you to create complex network "PC technology - CNC" for data transfer via RS- 232 from the workplace to the technologist developer machines and get the data back to edit or re-engineering. This reduces the data transfer to CNC and expedite the entire process of manufacturing parts. Milling on CNC EdgeCAM is designed to prepare control programs for vertical and horizontal milling machines, and multi-modular CNC machines. In the program features include: 2.5-axis machining, surface treatment 3D, Multi-processing, rotary processing, 5-axis machining strategies with a variety of prismatic and surface treatment, namely, a spiral or a lowercase treatment of the inner regions ("pockets"), vertical and inclined surfaces with a step in depth; "profile handling of internal and external contours, finishing the interior edges, finishing coil processing by the projection of arbitrary curves, circles, closed boundaries or surfaces of pre-calculated trajectory; engraving inscriptions and drawings on arbitrary surfaces. The program also provides opportunities operations of hole machining on CNC machines using different cycles of treatment. Handling Path Specialists Pathtrace expanded functionality loop along the contour and technology have given a new name - Profiling. It includes a new control algorithm scallop height for 3D-surface treatment. Now, the calculation altitude cusp operates independently in several areas, which excludes the possibility badly.
Turning on CNC machines allows for the control programs of processing external, internal, end, spiral and helical surfaces of solids of revolution turning, mnogoreztsovyh multioperational and CNC machines, using a variety of strategies: the longitudinal and transverse process ends; pretreatment blanks in a longitudinal or transverse direction, contouring the outer and inner surfaces, and pre-finishing of exterior, interior and end recesses, cutting of single-and multiple-start thread, performance milling operations - turning, milling and B-axis machining. Pathtrace Engineering Systems since 1984 creates a system design of control programs for CNC machines. EdgeCAM developers for 20 years engaged in the creation CAM-systems, always taking into account the comments and opinions. These relationships enable dynamically evolving program.

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