Live CD/USB STEA Edition v08.2011

Live CD/USB STEA Edition v08.2011
Size 2.3 GB

Updated and corrected version of Live CD / USB STEA Edition of 05.08.2011, the original emergency resuscitation assembly WinPE based on winbuilder Nikzzzz, able to load and run on a PC, having a RAM of 128 MB. Changes in version are small but quite important.

1. Composition of assembly
UPD_STEA_Live_0511 + _to_0811.iso.exe - DELTA-patch on the previous version STEA_Live_0511_plus.iso, transforming it into a new version of STEA_Live_0811.iso
ESET_4.2.msi - Upgrade to the latest version to date antivirus ESET NOD32, which is implemented in the assembly of the ability to install and complete the work in its full functions: protection of file system in real-time protection of Internet access, protection against spyware.
UXP-v1.0-0811.GHO - GHOST-image of the combined system (TEST-versiya!!! Windows XP SP3 / USB-boot / + STEA_Live_0811) to deploy a Flash drive (or more than 1.98 GB).
Utility ghost32.exe to deploy an image in Flash.

2. Differences between versions of STEA_Live_0811 version STEA_Live_0511_plus:
added support for USB 3.0 (test was not possible due to lack of equipment)
Added driver support virtual disks Winvblock
Some changes and fixes to the system BAT-files

3. Summary of Windows XP SP3 / UXP-STEA
Procedure for creating a bootable Flash:
1) expand the utility ghost32.exe image to Flash 2.0 or greater amount of GB
2) restore the boot sector, which run on the Flash file STEA TOOL'S BOOTSECT_RECOVERY.BAT

WARNING! When deploying an image all available in Flash, data will be destroyed! Do not forget to release Flash!!!

- HELP - / Set the assembly on the Flash Disk /
Installing a Flash includes three stages:
1. Bringing Flash to the format of the disk "bootable HDD".
2. Moving to Flash files in the assembly
3. "Binding" boot to the start assembly file STEA GRLDR (or STEA STEA.LST)

If your Flash drive is bootable, skip the next three paragraphs .

Before you begin to format the Flash, I recommend to try to perform
installation, relatively speaking, in "one click".
For the considerable number of "running" and "youngish" Flash, with the FAT file system or
FAT32 the whole setup can be realized by a script SETUP_TO_FLASH, available at
composition of the assembly itself. Moreover, Flash drive when it does not need to be empty -
only necessary to have sufficient free space, and existing files and
directories during the installation of STEA Live not be affected. Run the script
possible and from the assembly (the label is on the desktop), and just the disc in standard or Widows
even with an ISO image that is connected via a virtual drive - the script file STEA TOOL'S
Connect to Flash USB> Flash to create the root directory is empty SetupSTEA> run

If the script SETUP_TO_FLASH not received a boot disk or Flash
disc has the original file system NTFS, you'll need to first prepare and Flash
make a "bootable HDD". Perform the necessary operations can be utility BootICE,
available in the assembly STEA PROGRAMS HDD-Utilites BootICE.
You can do everything from Live, and of the standard WINDOWS STEA PROGRAMS HDD-Utilites BootICE
1.Formatiruem Flash
PartsManage> Reformat> USB-HDD> 63> FAT32> OK
2. Prescribes the boot sector in the MBR
Process MBR> UltraISO USB-HDD +> Install

After that, I recommend again to try to install from a script
SETUP_TO_FLASH. If again unsuccessful, it is likely that your Flash Controller
disk requires more complex manipulations (using special tools) for
bring to a format of "boot HDD".

If your Flash drive is bootable, then the "training" is required and sufficient
1. Move the just copying the Flash disk directory STEA and root assembly files
AUTORUN.INF and STEA_LIVE.CMD (files with an auxiliary function and their placement in
fundamentally Flash drive is desirable but not essential. They simply more convenient to start the program menu when using the standard disc of Windows.)
2. Run "anchor" in existing Flash-boot menu:

- Options for the bootloader GRUB:
title Live CD STEA Edition
configfile / STEA / STEA.LST

title Live CD STEA Edition
configfile / STEA / BOOT / STD.LST
- Option for the loader SYSLINUX:
LABEL grub
Instructions for use: Move a marker (or copy) from the directory STEA SETTINGS MARKERS directory STEA SETTINGS.

Results archive
MD5: 221B2A9ADE24DE726525BFC6A8BF0EB3
SHA-1: 11B8859B47163DF195D2C5A96EAAE120D7FBFC6B

MD5: B254A1E47C90A938BD4D02A56D077D6A
CRC32: 92526CAC
Year / Date of Release: 2011
Platform: WinPE
Developer: stea.61
Bit depth: 32bit
Language: Russian, English
License: cured or is not required
System requirements: RAM 128 MB
Size: 2.28 GB

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