Serious Magic Ultra Key 2.0 | 10.7 GB

Serious Magic Ultra 2.0 - the next generation of the highly successful first package with support for Ultra DV / HDV / HD keying. Now he has to work even faster, due to the fact that the core Ultra keyer has been completely rewritten to use the GPU video card. Introducing a new regime GPU Boost, you will be able to work with key HD in real time.
Everyone knows how important it is for the novice director software for creating special effects. The most popular special effect - color keying (chromakeying), when green, blue, and in the case with our program any one-two-three-color background is replaced by the video.

Previously, color-keying occurs only with expensive hardware and software. But those days are gone. Today, the company says Serious Magic, its program Ultra 2 is an interesting alternative.
-Among the new features Ultra 2 can note the use of hardware graphics processor for rear projection, the appearance of shadows and reflections, supporting HD / HDV mode and Plus-90, in which you can use a video camera Mini DV scene for HD.
-For SD GPU Keying material for the next class is recommended to use the video: 64 MB AGP or PCI-Express with 3D acceleration (GeForce - 5700, Radeon - 9600 or higher recommended).
-For HD GPU Keying material for the next class is recommended Video Card: 128 MB AGP or PCI-Express with 3D acceleration (GeForce - 6600, Radeon - 9800 or higher recommended).
-In Serious Magic Ultra 2.0 has support for HDV & HD - 1080p / i, 720p / i ....

! Can remove the background, even after semi-transparent material (tulle, wedding dress fabric, soap bubbles, glass, etc.)!
In real time on an average computer (Pentium IV: 1,5 Gz) can handle HD video with a semi-transparent material (cloth).
Added support for 480p 16x9 mode.
Oformlennna shell startup for convenience. See screenshot
In the distribution there is a video tutorial from the manufacturer in English, lasting an hour and change. And also a video tutorial (BIG THANKS) in two different formats, which can be looked at once ready to go. Video Tutorial, respectively, in Russian. On the DVD explain in detail the process of installing the program.


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