Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Bootable DVD & Cracked ENG/Mac/2011 | 3.35 GB

Burn Using DVD-DL
* Disk Utility
* DVD-DL (Dual Layer/DVD9)
* DL-/+ Burner
1. Open the Leopard installation DVD using Disk Utility.
2. Using the Disk Utility create a new dual layer (8.5GB) sparse image called leopard (actual filename will be leopard.sparseimage) and mount it.
3. Restore the Leopard installation DVD to the mounted leopard.sparseimage (not the image file.)
4. Open the mounted leopard.sparseimage with Finder and delete the XCodeTools directory.
5. Unmount the mounted leopard.sparseimage.
6. Using the Disk Utility create a new single layer (4.4GB) spare image called boot (actual filename will be boot.sparseimage) and mount it.
7. Restore the leopard.sparseimage image file to the mounted boot.sparseimage (not the image file.)
8. Unmount the mounted boot.sparseimage.
9. Burn the boot.sparseimage to your single layer DVD media.
Booting from this DVD works but takes a long time.

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