Final Cut Pro X Apple Pro Video Series Ripple Training| 2.48 GB

Introducingthe Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X. In this tutorial,Apple-certified master trainer and Ripple Training founder Steve Martin,will guide you through the new workflows, toolsets and features ofApples latest professional video editing application, Final Cut Pro X.Whether you are new to digital video editing or transitioning fromanother editing application - which includes previous versions of FinalCut Pro and iMovie - our goal is to give you a solid foundation forunderstanding both the how and why behind the software, so you can focuson your ultimate goal - which is telling your stories.

The ApplePro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X is a unique training curriculum thatis the culmination of our 12 years delivering Final Cut Pro training inboth the classroom and on video. The training is presented in 37individual lessons with a running time of 5 hours. The tutorial alsoincluded media files for following along in Final Cut Pro X.

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