SolidWorks 2011 Service Pack 3.0 (32bit) | 3.58 GB

Next update basic computer-aided design and engineering analysis, specialized for the manufacture of products of any complexity and purpose, with a full set of advanced and innovative instruments for the successful realization of creative potential users.SolidWorks Integrated solutions based on advanced innovative technologies of hybrid parametric modeling and a wide range of specialized modules. The software is based on Windows, has the support of the Russian language, and, accordingly, supports the Standard and ESKD.

Updated modules in SolidWorks 2011 Service Pack 3.0: COSMOSM – folder with the update COSMOSM (full installation) eDrawings – folder with the update eDrawings (full installation) eDrawings API SDK – folder with the update eDrawings API SDK (full installation) PDM Works server – the folder with the update SW PDMWorks (full installation) SolidWorks SolidWorks Core Update – folder with the update kernel SW (kernel update also includes updates of all SW add-in, including SW Motion, SW Simulation and SW PhotoView 360)

SolidWorks SolidWorks Localizations Update – folder with updates localizations under the supported languages ??(REQUIRED for installation if you are using a localized SW2011) SolidWorks Document Manager – Update SW Document Manager (full installation) SolidWorks Explorer – update SW Explorer SolidWorks Flow Simulstion – Update SW Flow Simulation SolidWorks Help – Update SW Help (13 languages)

Full installation means that the update can be installed regardless of whether the module is pre-installed or not

New in SolidWorks 2011 Service Pack 3.0: - Drawings In the Tools> Options> System Options> Drawings Disable association notes when you drag off the union of two notes, or notes, and size when they dragged each other. Select this option to disable the association, clear this option to enable the association. New context menu item Merge notes displayed when selecting two notes, or notes and the size and clicking the right mouse button. - SolidWorks Flow Simulation The user interface and online help for SolidWorks Flow Simulation translated into French and German languages. - SolidWorks Simulation If there is contact between the connecting parts from sheet metal and other surfaces (solids or shells) connecting the contact algorithm can force superrigid mount because of the gap between the intermediate grid and the geometry of the contact surface. Superrigid mount connector contact alters the calculation of rigid body assemblies. The program calculates all the hard components (with the frequency values ??close to 0), if you remove the gap by shifting the grid sheet metal from the intermediate surface to the geometry of the contact surface. - PhotoView 360 Integrated preview has become more interactive. In the dynamic manipulation of species (rotation / scaling) Integrated preview restricts detail, yet the dynamics of the form is not completed, leading to better coordination between the preview and mouse movement.