Windows XP Pro SP3 Media Center and TabletPC Edition
Windows ISO | Year: November 2011 |Platform :32bit| 4.22 GB
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Windows XP Pro SP3 Media Center & TabletPC Edition Eng / Rus / Ukr Corp Edition 32bit with integrated
additional applications and drivers. Bootable DVD.Extras. Information:it is a corporate version of Windows XP Pro SP3 English with Russian MUI pack installation and Ukrainian LIP in this assembly includes:
- All the updates up until November 15, 2011.
- Added Windows Media Center 4.0 with all updates

Also included are additional programs for MCE:
MCE Alarm Clock - Alarm program
MCE Play List Editor - a program for creating playlists
MCE Solitaire - Card version of the game under the shell of MCE
mceWeather - Weather forecast (on a day for three days, the withdrawal of satellite maps - requires Internet connection, unfortunately in English)
MCE 2005 Customizer - an alternative to MS TweakMCE, program fine-tuning parameres MCE-WMP11
added lyrics plug-in, which provides an opportunity for listening to MP3 files to WMP display in the
visualization lyrics
added Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher, which enables applications such as WMP or MCE, not having built-in switch audio tracks of video files, select the required audio track. By default, the selected audio track, corresponding to the language system.

- Added TabletPC 2005 with all updates
- Added Microsoft TabletPC Recognition Pack and Quarta TabletPC Recognition Pack Russian Enchacement, which provides the ability to make handwriting recognition:

- IE8
- DirectX 9.0c June 2010
-. Net Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 (with all updates until October 2011, and Russian language pack)
- Support for exFAT file system
- Support for XP RAID5
- Disabled SFC, Uxtheme patch, TCP / IP patch, USB patch
- MS Windows Security Essentials with updating the database
- MS Windows Search 4.0
- MS Messenger 5.1
- Microsoft Remote Desktop 7.0
- Microsoft Update 7.4.7600.229 working with updates
- Support for unicode in Vista v1.626.6002.18244
- Several topics a la Vista, system fonts and cursors Vista
- A few applications that will help bring the interface of XP to Vista:
TrueTransparency - Program to make transparent borders windows + multiple themes
TaskBar Transparency - allowing the program to adjust the transparency of the taskbar
TrayIT! - Allowing the program to minimize to tray any application

Additional applets in the Control Panel, and system utilities:
BootSafe v2.0.1000
Bootvis v1.3.37.0
ClearType PowerToy
ClipBoard Viewer
CPU-Z v1.58
DirectX 9.0c Control Panel
Expired Cookies Cleaner v1.02
GPU-Z v0.5.5
HD Tune v2.55
HP USB Format Tool v 2.1.8a
HWmonitor v1.18
MemTest v4.0
Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard
Microsoft TimeZone
Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel v2.1
MSI CleanUp Utility 4.4
New MSConfig
Services and Devices v3.2
Smart Driver Backup v2.12
TweakUI PowerToy v2.1
WhatInStartup v1.25
Windows Task Manager
WinUpdatesList v1.23
User Accounts 2 CPL

System utilities:
Compumatrix WallPaper Changer v2.1
Microsoft Calculator Plus v1.0 (Replaces calc.exe)
Microsoft HighMAT CD Writing Wizard (KB831240)
Microsoft Image Resizer PowerToy v7.0.224.0
Microsoft Makecab v6.0.6001.22192 (Vista SP2 final version)
Microsoft OpenType \ TrueType Font Properties Extension v2.30
Nirsoft NirCmd v2.45
RegShot v2.0.1.70 Unicode
Replacer v2.63
Service Tweaker v1
VistaSwitcher v1.3
Unlocker v1.9.0 TSkill 5.1.2600.0
WhyReboot v1.0.1.537
Xpero's EXPander v1.5 Final
Xpero's RegFile Merger v1.0b

The expanded Send To menu in Windows Explorer:
CabTool v1.8
FGCBA v0.897
HotFix Extractor v1.01
ISO Creator
Reg2exe v2.25
Reg2Inf v0.46
Resource Hacker v3.5.2.84

Extended commands to the shell:
.dll / .ocx / .ax Register / Unregister Regtweak
Advanced. Inf install / uninstall Regtweak
Attribute Changer v6.10a (Uninstallable)
Back v3
Copy To / Move To
Create ISO on right click
File Extension Toggle v3
Find Target v3
HashCheck v2.1.11.0
Image Preview v4
Hidden Files Toggle v2
Mainsoft ClipName v1.2.7
Open CMD Promt v2.0.2.1
Open in a new window
Run with arguments v2.6.0.2
Select All v3
Synesis File Case v2.0.2.31
Added new custom menu PowerTweak
it works in Russian !!!!!!! but the English core

- Built-in drivers for 90% of the storage devices that require pressing F6 at the initial installation - now
do not need to press and do not bother with a floppy disk and so who does not have a floppy drive:
Intel IAA for ICH5 (ICH4) ver.
Intel IAA for ICH5R ver.
Intel IAA for ICH6R ver.
Intel IAA for ICH6 AHCI ver.
Intel IAA for ICH7 AHCI ver.
Intel IAA for ICH7, ICH8, ICH9, ICH10 AHCI ver. (
Intel IAA for ICH7, ICH8, ICH9, ICH10 RAID ver. (
Intel SATA ZCR ver.
ALI (ULI) M5281, M5287, M5288, M5289
ATI (Silicon) 3112r 1.0.56
ATI AHCI RAID SB4xx/SB5xx 2.5.1540.47
AMD AHCI RAID SB6xx 3.1.1540.86
AMD AHCI RAID SB7xx 3.1.1548.155
AMD AHCI RAID SB78x 3.3.1540.17
VIA Generic PCI IDE 6.0.6000.182
VIA SATA IDE 6.0.6000.231
VIA AHCI RAID 5.1.6000.581
SiS IDE 2.04a
SIS RAID 3.04c
nVidia SATA / RAID - integrated wood, but they rabotospobnost for all mothers is not guaranteed, more
crooked wood painted to think hard!
nForce2/3/4 IDE 5.1.2600.0552
nForce SATA
3132 SATA
3132 RAID
3531 RAID
Broadcom RAID 2.0.5289.1
Marvell RAID 61xx
Marvell RAID SATA 6G 91xx (
Marvell SAS 64xx
JMicron IDE / AHCI / RAID 36x
Adaptec Intel ICH9r
Adaptec Marvell
Adaptec SAS
Adaptec SCSI
LSI Intel ich6r
Asmedia SATA 106

- Built-in driver for the system chipsets, network and sound cards (90% coverage)
inf update for system devices chipset ALI (ULI), ATI (AMD), Intel, nVidia, SIS, VIA
AGP bus driver for ALI (ULI), ATI (AMD), Intel, nVidia, SIS, VIA
drivers for modems Connexant, Lucent (Agere), Motorola
drivers for the sound chipset ADI, CMI, Connexant, IDT, Realtek, VIA, ATI HDMI Audio, nVidia HDMI Audio, Intel HDMI Audio
Drivers for USB3 NEC / Renesans, Asmedia, Texas Instruments, Etron, Fresco

Drivers for network cards and WiFi:
3Com 3c920, 3c940, 3cr990
Agere 1301
ASUS nx1001
Atheros 55xx, 7xxx, 5001, 5005, 5008
Attansinc (Atheros) L2, L1, L1e
Atmel WiFi
Broadcom 44xx, 57xx, 578x, 5706, wifi 802.11a/b/g/n
D-Link DFE
Intel PRO, PRO100, PRO1000, PRO XG
Intel WiFi 2100, 2200, 29xx, 44xx
Marvell wifi
Marvel Yukon
Ralink WiFi 2400, 2500, 2600, 2870, USB 2500, USB RT73

Drivers for 3G modems:
Option GlobeTrotter

added application Huawei Mobile Partner with unlocked features to manage not only the 2G/3G Internet, but also voice and video calls, SMS and MMS messaging and processing of USSD commands (check balance, deposit, etc.)

it is composed of system libraries, the so-called Runtime:
Microsoft. NET Framework V1.0 SP3
Microsoft. NET Framework V1.1 SP1
Visual J # Runtimes V1.1
Microsoft. NET Framework V2.0 SP2
Visual J # Runtimes V2.0 SE
Microsoft. NET Framework V3.0 SP2
Microsoft. NET Framework V3.5 SP1
Microsoft. NET Framework V4.0
Microsoft Sync Framework 1.0
Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0
Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 Redistributable Package
Microsoft CAPICOM
Microsoft Report Viewer 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package
Microsoft Report Viewer 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Second Edition Runtime
Microsoft Web Services Enhancements 1.0 SP1, 2.0 SP3, and 3.0
Microsoft Silverlight V4.0.60531.0
Microsoft Text to Speech Engine V2.0
Microsoft Powershell 2.0
Microsoft WRM 2.0
Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) V3.0.1
InstallShield Script Engine
AutoItX3 Runtime V3.3.0.0
Intel Math Library V10.1.10.2
KiXtart Runtimes V4.60.0.0
Microsoft C / C + + 7 Runtimes
Microsoft Visual Basic (versions 1 - 6) Runtimes
OpenAL Runtimes V2.0.3
OpenSSL Runtimes V0.9.8i
Python Software Foundation Python Core V3.0
Ruby Interpreter V1.8.7
Adaptec ASPI Layer 4.62.1

Of the additional components are placed automatically:
7-zip 9.25aplha
WinRar 4.10beta
Universal Extractor
K-Lite Codec Pack 7.9.0, QuickTime Alternative, Real Alternative, Media Player Classic HomeCinema
Adobe Flash Player OCX
Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.1 in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages
Adobe Shockwave Player 11.6
Adove SVG Viewer
Java SE Runtime Envoriment 7.0
DriverHeaven DriverCleanerNet
LightScribe System Software
Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.2498.0
Widcomm Bluetooth

As always corrected Windows/Office/IE8 and other components until November 15, 2011.
Office 2007 has been updated to SP3.7-Zip 9.25alpha WinRAR 4.10beta3
- Tried to fix the error when installing on chipsets ATI / AMD SB6xx-SB78x (if anyone has a chance please check)
- Added the application:
1) QT Address Bar - for Explorer Address Bar in the spirit of Vista/Win7
2) the program NoteBook Manager 3.4.3, which provides the ability to control the on / off devices such as WiFi, Bluetooh, 3G modem, GPS receiver, USB Web camera, adjust the brightness of the screen and monitor screen rotation.
3) The program is Hot Virtual Keyboard 5.3 - a handy keyboard layout with lots of options and settings that AutoFit with words. had the indiscretion to add his version of the layout UPMCNUM +
4) modified the application Huawei Mobile Partner - added some menus, profiles more than 300 mobile operators, 90% of national fonts (Ukrainise).

System requirements:
preferably 512MB or more RAM
8 gigabytes of hard drive without installing Office
12 GB to install Office 2007
14 GB to install Office 2010

1. the full version with Office 2007: xp_sp3_mce_november2011_office2007.iso 4.11Gb MD5:
2. the full version with Office 2010: xp_sp3_mce_november2011_office2010.iso 4.22Gb MD5:
3. lightweight version without office: xp_sp3_mce_november2011_no_office.iso 2.36Gb MD5:

Release Date: November 2011
Version: 11.2011
prog_build: pre-SP4
Developer: Microsoft
Bit depth: 32bit
Language: English + Russian + Ukrainian
License: Disinfected

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