3D Palace - The ATMT Set

3D Palace - The ATMT Set
English | Author : Cris of 3d-palace.com | 6hr | TSCC 1284x996 5.00fps Audio : MPEG 17Kbps | 2.24 GB
Genre: VideoTraning
The ATMT set is a specialist mechanical modelling and rigging tutorial from 3d-palace, featuring the creation of a completely custom designed mechanical "chicken walker" - a bipedal two legged assault vehicle for deployment of marine troops into an enemy compound.The design was based on a hybrid mixture of a Star Wars design briefly seen in the cartoon 80s version and a Warhammer heavily armoured Dreadnought style design with individual custom elements added in. The finished and rigged piece includes flexible rope pipework, slider controlled opening hatches and gun controls for rotation as well as procedurally created complex material effects, lighting setup, creating a walk cycle and everything else you need in order to complete this advanced mech piece.
Chapter 1
Toe Preperation
Toe Rigging and Detailing
Adding More Toes and the Footbase
Creating the Ankle
Starting the Upper Leg
Chapter 2
The Upper Leg
Leg Tweaks
Hip Preperation
Rigging the Legs
Making the Hips
Chapter 3
Building the Waist
Starting the Carapace
Building the Marine Pods
Furnishing the Pods
Detailing the Rear of the Pod
Chapter 4
Detailing the Carapace
The Weapon Mounts
Building the Primary Weapons
Making a Used Metal
Building a Missile Rack
Chapter 5
Creating Wired Sliders
Wiring the Gun to a Slider
Building a Walk Cycle
Lighting and Cameras
Completing your Project

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