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The recurrent complicated calculations in the personnel offices represent a significant loss of time and money. This
package provides power for all the problems and issues of daily personal everyday life, the right solution.
From the history

The DATA LINE GmbH was founded in 1982 in Wermelskirchen. Initial projects are BTX systems for SONY Germany and other customers. IBM Germany, a canteen for the system based on IBM Series / 1 is developed.
Pierburg in Neuss programs are designed for carburetor test stands. On behalf of CGS, a gas path circuit is developed based on industrial PCs running on engine dynamometers at Audi and BMW.

Dynavit is the design classic of the exercise bikes. DATA LINE develops hardware and software for an entire series. By an operating system extension makes DATALINE MS-DOS ® * multitasking, which allows real-time applications. Medium-sized companies in the meat industry increasingly rely on DATALINE hardware and software for production control and data acquisition, eg In 1989, Herta GmbH in Herten is recovered as a new customer.

Move to modern premises in Wuppertal-Long Field in 2003.
Here are the advantages of the single versions in a cost solution are combined. rewarding office contains the following modules:

- Payroll deduction
Complete payroll and payroll with a mouse click!
With the user-friendly and easy-to-learn program DATALINE payroll deduction you can quickly and reliably complete payroll and payroll.
If the master data is once stored, you can create the monthly bills just a few clicks and get to touch the wages and salaries, income tax reporting and certification, statements of contributions, payroll journal, payroll accounts, the fee billing lists, and a financial accounting book list.
Of course, payroll deduction ITSG-certified, so that the social security requirements for electronic delivery.
With payroll deduction of fresh air into your payroll office and the staff work emerges as a gentle breeze.
Cut costs and save your sanity!

- Entgeld continued payment
The program module can be easily continued payment of the fees fortzuzahlenden your employees leave and maternity calculate. Of course, the personnel master data from payroll deductions have been deposited.
With a few inputs determines the amount of sick pay fortzuzahlenden fee of incapacity or the employers maternity grant.
In addition, the module creates the necessary refund requests to the health center and the mini-job, so you get as an employer, the expenses incurred and reimbursed. Of course, the module generates continued pay the shipping files for online delivery of refund requests. These can be charged in addition to payroll deductions on the contribution of evidence.
Rounding out sick pay with various tools, such as establish a calendar period or the opportunity to participate commitment to the scheme to be able to.

- Part Time and Temporary staff
The program module + part-time temporary employees will help in the evaluation of part-time and temporary jobs.
How often will you look at the insurance-legal assessment of part-time forces the question: Slightly or not? Or more concrete: If it is a fully insurable and thus contributing to employment or an insurance-free and thus free from the employees employment point of view?
With this module, this is no longer a question! You can easily judge part-time employees based on a few entries and then display the results, including record of results. The so-called exotics, e.g. Students or interns, you can assess with part-time + temps.

- Multi-client capability
The plug-tenancy for the entire Office product line provides convenient management of any number of companies or clients.

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