ALT linux 6.0 LXDesktop

ALT linux 6.0 LXDesktop | 2.23 GB

ALTLinuxLXDEsktop 6.0 - is a distribution of one of the community, founded asthe name for the repository and the sixth platform windowing environmentLXDE. Official release date has not yet happened, but at the end ofSeptember 2011 was released the second beta version of the distribution,so that we can hope that soon will release ALTLinux LXDEsktop 6.0.First, it will certainly be interesting to owners of old low-powercomputers, of which there are many more educational institutions. Ingeneral, to create a distribution limit intergatsiya applications, take alook at what it achieved.
System Requirements: Rentium-I(recommended Pentium-II), 256 MB RAM (512MB recommended), 5 GB of harddisk space (10GB recommended)


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