SolarWinds Collection [Update 04.01.2012]

SolarWinds Collection [Update 04.01.2012] | 3.67 GB

Application for monitoring bandwidth and network performance management, which allows us to consider the statistics in real time directly from the web-browser.

Orion Network Performance Monitor can monitor and collect data from routers, switches, servers, and any other SNMP-device.

Additionally, Orion monitors CPU usage, memory usage and disk space. Orion NPM is highly scalable and able to exercise control from 50 to more than 10 000 devices.

Contains the following applications:
Fault Management - provides a view of the status of thousands of nodes and interfaces with a web-page. Each item allows you to immediately see the problem and handle it in a router, switch, or the troubled server.

CPU, Memory and Disk Space Monitoring - monitors and warns of the CPU load and memory usage of Cisco, Foundry, Extreme, Motorola, ARRIS, Linux, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Win XP, and other devices that support MIB resource. Vyponyaet monitoring disk space usage on Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Win XP, Sun, Novell and other devices that support MIB-resource. The final screen displays the Top 10 CPU load and memory usage issues in the network.

Network Maps - import any map - the existing network diagram, topology map, and even a world map or a city. Map Maker allows you to import a map and make it "hot" by dragging (by dragging) it necessary units. When you save the card, it is immediately updated with the current status of the added nodes. Map Maker also allows you to group network in regions, districts, sub-networks and unique locations.

Event Alert Management Tools - provides the ability to set thresholds for warning messages, the percentage of bandwidth utilization, memory, CPU, disk space, etc. Orion will send e-mail to any compatible device, including cell phones.

Customizable Views / Menus / Toolbars - allows you to configure custom views with a unique view-filter or the toolbar. You can select a preset or create your own reporting network. Pages can be customized to individual corporate style.

Custom Accounts by User - You can define a common login or create unique accounts for each client. One account could view all servers, the other - all routers, while the client account has access only to a single interface. Each account can have its own page, contents and customized toolbar. Orion is ideal for a consultant, ISP or service provider with numerous customers.

Report Writer - a utility for creating reports, easy to use and allows the use of existing reports or create your own.

Custom Property Edition - own property editor - an application that lets you select a property from a preconfigured list or create their own unique properties. Customized properties can be associated with the node and the interface.

Account Limitation Builder - an application that allows you to create and configure user authorization. so they can view only those nodes, interfaces, and the volume on which they are authorized.

Custom HTML Resources - Orion has the ability to separate the controlled representation (for example, the current bandwidth) and link to an existing HTML web-page. Consider adding your own patterns. For example, you can add the current application form in support of or payment history of customers to any web-page of Orion.

Solarwinds Network Configuration Management
Comprehensive and intuitive software solution to simplify and automate network configuration management.
Cirrus allows you to easily manage configurations on various, multi-vendor networks. The software supports routers, switches, firewalls, loaded stabilizers, and wireless access points from many vendors including: Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Motorola, Extreme Networks, Dell, HP, Adtran, Aruba Networks, ARRIS, Marconi, Foundry Networks, Fortinet, Enterasys Cabletron, Citrix Systems, Radware, Juniper Networks.
If you need to manage network configurations for 50 or 5000 devices, Cirrus provides network administrators a single point of control.
Cirrus includes a detailed description of the device (and interface ports, IP addresses, protocols, information on the definition of address card in each slot, embedded software, etc.). Information can be easily extracted and used by other applications.

- Extensive support multivendorov
- Creation of configuration backups on a schedule
- Deployment of input-output subsystems and firmware
- The history of configuration changes
- Inventory of devices
- Accounting policies
- Automation of notifications of configuration changes
- Roll back the volume of configuration changes
- Change management, scheduled report
- Management of access control lists

The collection includes:
Orion NPM 9.0 SLX
Orion NPM 9.1 SLX SP5 Orion HotStandby 9.1 SP5 Orion Poller 9.1 SP5
Orion NPM 9.5 SLX integrate SP4 Orion Hotstandby 9.5 integrate SP4 Orion Poller 9.5 integrate SP4
Orion NCM 5.0 DLX SP2
Orion NCM 5.1 DLX
Orion NCM 5.1.1 DLX
Orion NCM 5.5 DLX SP1
Orion NCM 5.5.1 DLX
Orion NTA 3.0 SLX SP4
Orion NTA 3.1 SLX SP2
Orion NTA 3.5 SLX SP2 support ASA 8.2
Orion EOC 1.0 SP2
Orion EOC 1.1 integrate SP1
Orion APM 2.0 ALX SP2
Orion APM 2.5 ALX
Orion APM 3.0 ALX SP1
Orion VoIP 2.0 SLX SP3
Orion VoIP 2.0.1 SLX
Orion VoIP 2.0.2 SLX
Orion VoIP 2.1 SLX
Orion IPAM 1.0 SP2
Orion IPAM 1.0.1
Engineers Toolset v9.2
Engineers Toolset v10.3


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