Anthology FEAR (2005-2011/MULTI2/Lossless RePack by RG Origami)
Year: 2011 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer: TimeGate Studios | Publisher: Sierra Entertainment | 14.08 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

The police catch criminals. SWAT neutralize terrorists. Army ready to repel attack another army. With their help, the government is able to destroy any enemy of flesh and blood. But there are opponents, which can not handle conventional military. When there is something really unusual, when the murder could only be the work of ghosts, when another world rises up against the human world, the case enters FEAR - The Federal Response unit of activity.

The story begins as a thriller, a complication of the plot is a secret military facility in the hands of unknown terrorists. They take hostages, but did not submit any claims. The government uses special forces, but the relationship with the force disappears soon after the surgery. A few moments of inner chamber observations show a picture of carnage - bodies of soldiers, torn to pieces by an unknown force before they have time to see what happens ...

"Ruthless enemies. Enemies coordinate their actions in order to surround your hero and cut it all the way to the retreat. Robotic killers ambush, clinging to the ceiling and walls. Clad in armor opponents shelter behind a major wave of attackers. Can not relax for a second!
"Cinematic special effects. The graphics core game allows for special effects cinema-like. Sparks, smoke, fog, realistic fluid, scattering into tiny particles of objects - the game shows all the capabilities of modern computers
"Extremely powerful weapons. The soldiers are armed with latest FEAR engineering: from ultra-modern handguns to subyadernogo blaster that turns enemies into the mountain ash.
"Unexpected situations. Tolerate a helicopter crash, high-speed chase with a shootout, attack enemy motorcyclists - you never know what awaits you in the next minute. But the real puzzle game - the plot, twists and turns that will keep you in suspense until the very end.
"The newest technologies. Calculation of illumination for each pixel, realistic shadows, advanced shaders - all the latest capabilities of DirectX 9 in conjunction with technology from Havok 2 Game Dynamics, responsible for adequate interaction of game objects, making the world more than ever like FEAR on reality.

System Requirements
"Operating System: Microsoft ® Windows ® XP / Vista / 7
"Processor: Intel Pebtium IV 2 GHz or equivalent AMD
"Memory: 1 GB GB
»Video: class GeForce4Ti or Radeon 8500 with 64MB memory, support for DX8
"Sound Card: DirectX 8.0c or compatible with
"Free space on hard disk: 15 GB

F.E.A.R. - Evacuation
FEAR Evacuation - addition to the best shooter of 2005. The action will unfold addon immediately after the main game in town, destroyed by a powerful explosion cleaned. Fighters Division First Encounter Assault Recon again be faced with a mysterious girl Alma and her faithful servants. Players waiting for the completion of its own arsenal as well as in the ranks of opponents. Overall, FEAR promises to be another spectacular and frightening

F.E.A.R. - The "Perseus"
«FEAR: Perseus Project" continues the story of the previous episodes: FEAR and «FEAR: Evacuation." But the focus is now a new hero - a soldier from the second group of special purpose, and sent to the elimination of the consequences of irresponsible scientific activities. - Your task is not to sow fear and terror, and vice versa - to stop them. Do not let the group take over the mysterious secret documents the corporation, because the hidden information in them can easily plunge the planet into chaos. Do you have everything you need to do the job: the most modern weapons, unique skills and abilities on the verge of human capacity. Are you ready to learn new facets of fear?

F.E.A.R. 2 - Expanded Edition
The grand and atmospheric shooter FEAR 2 is back - in a completely new look! The structure of an enlarged edition, but the full game, including all the official updates and additions. Special surprises will be totally new single player campaign in which you will be destined to once again face the terrible Paxton Vettel, the legendary villain of the first part of the game. Fans will be able to arrange online fights the battle on the new maps - and a new multiplayer game modes. Besides, now the game does not require a hard peg to the Internet. Terrible girl Alma has become even closer, a favorite shooter - even more accessible!.

F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin
The player will act as a clone trooper Replica codenamed Foxtrot813. He begins to fall under the influence of Alma and eventually begins to fight against their colleagues. Thus, the gameplay has turned out quite original and unlike any other part.

F.E.A.R 3
Challenge the creatures Alma and cohorts of heavily armed soldiers dared Poyntman, an elite fighter of FEAR, and his blood brother, cannibal Paxton Vettel. Together with them, you have to go through the streets of ruined cities and arrange countless enemies real massacre, set in motion the most modern and destructive weapons. In addition to exciting single-player game, the third part of the legendary brick-busting action in the first person as provided for joint passage, and various modes of online battles.


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