Portable CSoft ASAP GraphiCS 7.1 in 1064 & 1047
for Autocad 2012 SP1 x86

Portable CSoft ASAP GraphiCS 7.1 in 1064 & 1047 for Autocad 2012 SP1 x86 | 2.65 GB

Each graphical object is associated with the designation of GOST ASAP GraphiCS, for example, an array of axes, a callout mark level, the designation of the section, etc. The intelligence of these objects makes it easy to obtain the necessary graphical representation and to set an attribute information.

System requirements:
Windows XP, Windows 7
Intel Pentium III 450 MHz or any other compatible processor with the same or higher performance
video card
Requirements graphics platform
At least 256 MB
For comfortable work with parametric objects may need 512 MB or more
Hard disk space
To complete installation program requires a minimum of 160 MB
If you are using your own database of parametric objects need more space

Functionality version ASAP GraphiCS 7.1:
* Support for AutoCAD 2012.
* Support for Autodesk Inventor 2012.
* Support key WiBu.
* In the new tables by default is wrap text and reducing the height of the text for fitting in with height.
* In the dialog buttons are added to tables of horizontal and vertical inscribing.
* In the properties now named cell called the wrong address and name. Address moved to the description. Made a separate group of "Named Cells" in the properties panel.
* Made in the properties of the cells with notes.

* Implemented support for multiple tables in the markers.

* Typical structure of a complete set of documents (sections, subsections, the volume of the book).
* Automatic assignment of attributes of the project format and artwork (name, organization, year, type of documentation, etc.).
* Automatic numbering of sheets of composite drawings (like "9.1" "9.1", etc.).
* Automatic assignment of designations of documents.
* Automatic numbering of sheets included.
* Automatic filling of the major labels, title pages and covers.
* Ability to define graphical signatures major labels.
* Instantly update the major labels in drawings, when the details of the project.

Cover and title page:
* Implemented the insertion of covers and title pages.
* Templates of covers and title pages, according to GOST 21.1101-2009.
* Tables can be used as the major labels.
Editor covers, title pages, custom formats
* Visual creation of custom formats of graphics on the drawing.
* Storing templates in the database.
* Edit previously saved custom template.
* Profile settings moved to the fast (Ctrl-Shift-Q).
* Auto switch-binding "immediate" made in quick setup.
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