The Wheel of Time - DEViANCE

The Wheel of Time - DEViANCE
Year: 1999 | PC | English | Developer: Legend Ent | 1.25 Gb
Genre: Fantasy First-Person Shooter

The Wheel of Time , based on the best-selling fantasy series of novels by Robert Jordan, is set to revolutionize the world of PC gaming through its unique mix of action, strategy and role-playing. Using an enhanced version of Epic MegaGames Unreal engine.

Single player:

The world in which The Wheel of Time takes place is lifted directly out of Jordans pages; its huge and consists of many different environments. How you navigate the world will depend largely on which game - single player or multipayer - youre playing. The single player experience, with a few exceptions, will see Elayna traversing the world mainly by foot (with a couple notable exceptions). In the multiplayer experience, your character will have more access to travel via Terangreal, Portal Stones, and the Ways. However you move around, though, youll quickly discover that means of locomotion can easily become the least of the your worries...

During your travels, you quickly discover that four locations are crucial to your success in the game. Not surprisingly, these locations are the homes of The Wheel of Times main characters. Some of these places are ripped directly from the pages of Jordans books, made flesh with Legends unparalleled pixel-pushing ways. Other places are specific to the game, conceived and executed with the intent of expanding this game world even further. Either way, they provide a backdrop for some of the most intense first person action and strategy youll have this year.

Multi PLayer:

During your travels as Elayna in the single player WoT experience, youre going to run across three other characters whose motivation to obtain four seals is just as strong as yours. The multiplayer game is your chance to take up the mantle of any of these characters. The thing to remember, though, is that - whether theyre viewed as good or bad - the other characters have their own agendas and view you as an enemy. While youre scrambling to obtain two more seals, so will everyone else-and they wont think twice about looting your Citadel to get them!

Cd 2 is sound tracks only . They are not neccesary to play the game.
So you dialup whores dont need to download it.
System Requirements:

System: PII 233 or equivalent
RAM: 64 MB
Video Memory: 8 MB

Install Notes:

- Mount/burn the image
- Install and play

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