Renault Dialogys v3.99 Multilanguage | 15.28 GB

Dialogys - an electronic version of documentation for RENAULT and after sales car RENAULT, DACIA (only LOGAN and SANDERO). Dialogys includes everything from repair manuals and parts catalogs for all models of cars Renault, as well as tehnoty and MR-s for all cars in the Russian, except for vehicles up to 1996. This electronic version of documentation RENAULT cars for after-sales service RENAULT, DACIA. Annex Dialogys available on CD-ROM or DVD. Dialogys includes every repair manual, parts catalogs for all models of car brand Renault.

Comply with the order:
1. CD0


2. DVD1
3. DVD2
4. DVD3
5. CD4

Whatever appeared Dacia: located in the X: \ Dialogys \ data \ pr file ListeDocDacia,
open in Notepad, you enter a string modele = 37-38-39-40-48-52

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