Wonderware ArchestrA System Platform ENG/2012

Wonderware ArchestrA System Platform 2012 | 3.67 GB

ArchestrA System Platform provides a single, scalable software platform for integrating your existing SCADA, Supervisory HMI, MES and EMI systems into a unified operations management solution. It helps drive a culture of success to solve your business problems and accomplish your initiatives.

Maintaining legacy industrial systems can be costly and resource intensive, System Platform is the solution. Its integrated development environment, object based approach and set of common services allows you to build a single, easily maintained and extended ?plant model? that represents the physical processes being controlled and supervised at your production facilities. The ArchestrA System Platform also makes configuration, logging, delivery and maintenance of real-time and historical information point-and-click simple.

The System Platform also provides a high-performance process historian with production history archiving and retrieval, along with an industrial web information server that dramatically simplifies the organization and delivery of operations information to all functions within your organization.

Key Benefits

Integrate People, Information and Processes
Empower and motivate People to collaborate
Drive, Enforce and Adapt Processes
Drive, Enforce and Adapt Standards
Achieve Consistent High Quality
Enable innovation and adaptability to Change
Reduce Risk
Shorten the Time to Value/Time to Market
Retain highly valued People
Increase Profits

Key Capabilities

Common plant model reduces complexity
Remote software deployment and maintenance
Extensible and easily maintained using template-based and object oriented structures
Powerful role-based security model
"Optimized for SCADA" network and communication features
Historical data collection and advanced trending
Web based reporting capabilities
Support of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Smart Card authentication and Hyper-V virtualization allow highly economic, secure and available systems