Print Shop Deluxe 23.1 (2 DVD images)
English | Print Shop Deluxe 23.1 | 2 DVD images | 7.73 GB

Packed with 21,000 professionally-designed templates for a wide variety of projects, including: Greeting Cards, Invitations, Photo Projects, Mailing Labels, Matching Stationery Sets, CD/DVD Labels, Calendars, Signs & Banners, and more!
Customize your design by adding your own text, photos, graphics and word art. Comes with 370,000 high quality images and advanced search tools to find just the right one: Clip Art, Vector Images, Stock Photography, Black & White Photography, Borders, Frames, Embellishments, and more!
Plus, easy photo editing tools like to make your photos perfect features like Quick Photo Editing, Red-Eye Removal, Flip & Crop, Contrast & Color Correction and Photo Workshop Slider Tool (For the Exact Degree of Effect). It's so easy to create and print your projects, you can get started today and share your design in minutes.

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