NAVTEQ - BMW Update DVD Road MAP Europe High v2012 SL | 4.34 GB
Single Extraction - InterChangable - No Password

You can appreciate a disc with GPS-navigation for the on-board navigator cars BMW
Of the original disk image BMW DVD Road Map Europe HIGH 2011 removed all languages ??other than English to be able to burn an image on an ordinary single-layer DVD media with a capacity of 4.7 GB.

This allows you to:
1) Fully use the card, if the firmware MK4 below v.31 (dual-layer discs MK4 can not read, if the firmware below v.31);
2) Simply burn the image, if there is no readily available high-quality dual layer DVD, or your drive does not support dual-layer write DVD;
3) Use the card when, for whatever reasons, MK4 "does not want" to read dual-layer media, or reading errors (it happens);
4) Improve the speed card reader drive (dvuhsloyki read at a slower rate).

Optional: Present spidkamy Europe.
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