ViAvRe Virtual Antivirus Rechecked Live CD/USB Flash/Image (11.10.2010) | 3.95 GB

Updated release of Live distro ViAvRe (Virtual Antivirus Rechecker) by Renats. Distro works with CD / Dvd / Usb Flash / Virtual Image / Xen disk (no installation required!) And allows you to scan and disinfect your computer from viruses by using the latest versions of the most effective anti-virus.
The content of the archive:
ISO - DVD / CD image - Bootable CD or DVD (Full - DVD Lite-CD)
Oem - to record the image on the flash drive (full - 4 GB lite - 3 GB) (after writing the contents of the flash drive is removed)
VMware / Virtual Box image vdi - hard drive image for testing in virtual machines VirtualBox / VmWare
The distribution includes:
chntpw - Password reset tool for documentation + pdf
registry editor
Kernel 2.6.34 (LXDE
KDE 4.4.4
Firefox with flash plugin
rdesktop (terminal management sessions windows)
vncview (computer management windows / linux)
wine (emulator to run other windows applications)
samba client
Gparted - for editing and changing hard drive partitions
ntfs-ads - Instructions on the desktop to remove the alternate data streams in ntfs (often viruses are hidden in the file stream))
Utility to create a bootable Flash Disk and Instruction
Ability to install the system on your hard drive.
Extras. Information: You can install the drive as a second system and update the site through
Planned upgrades - a monthly basis.
New in Version 9.10 (0.0.3)
automatically mount file systems partition hard drive usb and cdrom
New Antivirus Avast (console and Gtk)
One command to update all databases Antvirus viavre-update
Version for USB Flash and Virutal Box / VMware image
System requirements:
512 Mb RAM (optimally 1-2 Gb)
CD R (RW) to record the iso
or Usb Flash (2 or 3 GB)